July 21st, 2002


Cinammon break..

I'm still not finished cleaning..

Only done about half of this room. But.. well.. it's the worst part in the whole apartment, with the desk with all the computer stuff etc, and all the bookcases with books and CDs etc..
I usually combine cleaning and sorting. Starting in one corner of the room etc, and work myself around it. And.. I'm really thorough.. dragging out the furniture etc, re-draw cables for the computer etc, behind the desk.. And wipe everything of with a wet microfiber cloth, and drying etc etc.. Ceiling, walls down to floor, and everything inbetween.

Now, this is weird..

I'm having a break.. having some tea and Vanilla Yoghurt.. The weird thing is.. It's "Vanilla" yoghurt, but the taste is: Apple/Cinammon. Now.. doesn't that really make it "Apple/Cinammon" Yoghurt? Not Vanilla Yoghurt kinda..

Whatever.. it's really yummy!!! For those being able to get it, I strongly reckomend it. "Valio Vanilj Yoghurt - Äpple/Kanel"

But.. it's weird how they really go for trends..

I saw some candy with cinammon. GB Glace (Unilever's Swedish Division of Ice Cream.. The same as "Wall's" in UK, "langnese" in Germany I think, "Good Humour - Breyers" in North America.. ) has a couple of new Glace d'Or vanilla ice cream with rhubarb and cinammon. Valio has Apple/Cinammon yoghurt, as well as a rhubarb/??? one.

Everything seems to come in cinammon and rhubarb now.. Wouldn't surprise me if I see Lipton (Which also is a Unilever brand, by the way) Rhubarb tea next time i need tea..

Friday the 13th 7 on TV.. Kanal 5 is showing the movies, 1 - 8, every night. For some reason, it looks as if the lake gets smaller for every movie... They do go skinny dipping every movie, at least from the 4th to 7th tho.. :) Still, don't get them, or why they're so popular. At least, The Nightmare on Elm Street movies are fun in a real sense and usually has some stunning effects etc. Friday the 13th only is fun because they're so bad, as with the murderer still catching up with the victim, despite only walking, while the one who tries to escape is running. As well as, of course, they doesn't have any plot at all.

Kinda liked the TV-series tho..