July 8th, 2002


Livejournal acting weird

I just posted a support request to LJ about it..

Don't know if more has noticed it, but..

If I look at my Friends page, I have a number of posts there.. and might have 3 posts by "Giggles" in a row etc, as I had today. Then.. if I refresh, suddenly, I got a lot more posts.. Not new ones, but.. more.. and suddenly.. there were 2 posts between "Giggles" posts etc..

And you realize that you, that way, are missing tons of posts..

At the same time as you start doubting your sanity.. Wondering how the heck you could've missed that post, etc.. Seeing a post, and swearing on the fact that you never saw it before etc..

You think it was some time, and missing, someone posted.. then you look in their Journal, and they've been posting all the time etc..

Film in China

There's an interesting documentary on Canal+ about film in China, right now..

Obviously, since the Chinese Goverment has really strict rules about what movies the Chinese should be able to see etc... there's this huge illegal market of pirate copies (which isn't as much done to earn money, as we in the west believe (since here, the only reason for doing it, would be to make money, or.. save money). The huge market exist because that's the only way people are able to see "different", foreign movies, which they never would be able to see in any other way. That's the driving force behind it.

The ironic thing is.. The only place in China, where you have total access to whatever film in the history of moviemaking you can get your hands on, is at the Beijing Film School (Which of course is, indirectly, run by the Goverment, since the students needs to learn the craft of moviemaking, and need those as examples).

Of course.. even if they study the craft of moviemaking, they're not immune to catch the themes of movies, and in that sense, very much becoming very "liberal", and will go on to make movies they would have problem showing in China.


It's a whole nature documentary about Servals on Canal+ right now..

I sure know someone who would have been delighted to see that.. :)

Nature is cruel..

Sure.. I know nature is cruel..

But.. Haven't nature documentaries lately, been really tragic.

It seems they go for emotions a lot, especially the "nature is cruel" angle, even if they mostly have a happy ending.

They show a dead, really cute Serval, having been killed by leopards, and the next shot, is about a desperate serval kitten crying out for his mom.. (and you get tears in the eyes).. Now.. I didn't follow the show that well.. but.. I think it was another dead Serval, and not the mom of the kitten.

Sure.. death is part of life, and shouldn't be hidden etc, but.. as I said.. about every nature show now seems to be wanting to tell an emotional story.. very much like a Disney Movie.

Now.. I'm not that fond of nature shows in general.. still can't stand the detailed wallow in predators killing other animals.. Yes.. I know it's part of life etc.. Still, I can't stop feeling for the victims of the predators.. no.. not that they're killed. It's more the fact that they rarely is killed quickly.. imagining the fear they must feel, when they've got a lion riding on their back, teeth and claws sunk into their bodies.. and sometimes, not being dead, as some predator starts eating from them.. I mean.. imagine lying there, as something chews on your leg or something..
Teach the predators to us a gun or something, at least :)