July 1st, 2002


Got a letter today..

I'm up for a getting a new Driver's License..

Got a note from the some time ago.. The most stupid mail I've ever got, actually. Not sure, but think I mentioned it here.

I got a letter saying that, in a few days, I'd get the applications for renewing my DL. I think it was really stupid, because: Hey.. we send you this mail to tell you, you will get another mail, instead of sending the application directly, without announcing that you will do.

No.. I haven't gotten the application yet..

Today I got a really "angry" letter telling me that.. I have to send in the application blah blah blah, withing 2 months etc..

Not easy when I haven't gotten the f----g application. Of course I would've sent in directly if I had gotten it etc..
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