June 29th, 2002


Thom Luka


I just searched on Google (I wonder how long it's gonna take before they've got a total monopoly on search engines, since I just saw that AOL is gonna use Google now): "Thom Luka"

and.. .well.. I found a surprising lot of stuff about me.. Things I hardly knew about etc..

Of course.. my website.. and my LJ.

Surprising was the Softpress site.. (They make the program Freeway, which I'm using for webdesign.. )

And... found this.. "Thomas likes Freeway because it makes him look as if he knows what he's doing. What he doesn't know, of course, is that he does know what he's doing. Freeway just lets him turn his ideas into something he can share with ease"

Actually didn't know about that.. But.. well.. they're very close with the customers etc, publishing users "Plug ins" and stuff... having communties and stuff. Including, when you register your program, you're kinda welcomed into the family etc (which actually feels kinda nice), and they put up links to all sites they know about, having been made with Freeway. I vaguely remember answering a question somewhere about what I liked about Freeway, and I think I answered that: (I like Freeway because) "It makes me look as if I know what I'm doing". I guess they put together the rest from that.

Hmm.. was fun.. Think I'm gonna see what else I can find searching Google :)
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