June 22nd, 2002



Well.. I've kinda gotten some requests for photos

You know.. You're able to request a photo, if it's something reasonable.. I'm sorry, but I just can't photograph a rock on the moon. I wish I could, but.. I guess that's not gonna happen. Except for that, it could be more or less anything. Basically it's to get me started. To get ideas, sort of.. Now I don't have anything that I can concentrate on photographing, just carrying the camera with me, photographing whatever catch my eye (girls??? lol), and whatever.. it doesn't really lead to the greatest photography since I put in little effort and thought in it.. There's no real purpose behind it.. no real idea.

I'm not sure this counts shiiizzzam, but.. it's a pic of me, at least.. well.. my eye..

It was while trying to photograph my eyes.. and a failure.. so I did it again, and got this at least.. Not that interesting pic.. Well.. I do have blue eyes, I've got freckles and a scar on my nose.. (and no.. I'm not wearing eyeshadow, even if it, for some reason, looks like I do) Well.. I told nakedfairy that I'd post a pic of my eyes, and that we share at least one thing, that scar between the eyes.. (Even if it's in different directions). Now.. if I only had a fraction of her good looks as well..

Then I've uploaded some new pics to my DigiCam Album. Nothing terribly exciting (as I said.. not having that swell ideas at the moment).