June 1st, 2002


Body Scapes

As some of you know, I love nude pictures that's nicknamed "BodyScapes" (Parts of nude bodies).

Somebody (zebraartist???> gave me a link for a great place for it, but for my life, I can't find that link.

So, if anyone of you remeber posting a link to bodyscapes, can you please do it again?? Thanks!

Getting lost and The Art of Noise

I've got such a lot of stuff I should be doing..

I've started a really long post I should finish.. I've got some CDs to burn and send.. I've got some letters I should write.. not to mention to check out all my friends LJs, since I've been unable to check out my friends page as much as I should, the last couple of days, and I don't want to miss anything..

Instead I've been working, of course.. that's the good thing.. Oh.. I've spent some time playing pinpall on my laptop and Tomb Raider 4 on my Playstation.

Well.. the work, having worked nights lately, and before that, mornings.. which, for some reason is the worst.. Since I'm a constant night owl, having to go to bed before midnight is.. well.. I simply can't.. which isn't a good thing when you need to wake up at 4.30 a.m. Even if I manage to get up that time, and make it through the day (at work), even if it's barely, when I come home, I'm more or less a zombie, and needs to get the sleep I didn't get the night before.. etc.. Well.. then I wake up, but doesn't get going until it's basically time to get back to sleep again..
When I work nights.. now, I'm usually most alert and productive between 10 p.m. and about 4.30 a.m., being at work during that time is no fun, at least not for getting stuff done..

That way.. I've been lazy this week, and most of the time looking for a digital camera I'd want to buy.. Most likely an Olympus CM-700 UZ, since I've got this lust to get one, right away, etc..

Then.. I was chatting with love_no_evil on ICQ the other day, and mentioned that "The ART of NOISE" might be something she'd be interested in.. and that way.. being lazy yesterday, I got this urge to listen to them myself.. sure.. I could have iTunes running, with AoN, while I did other stuff on the computer... and.. nope.. I became sitting, listening to AoN only, not doing anything else..

It's great listening to them, or Devo, or Danielle Dax etc.. only that I most often gets carried away listening to that, rather than have it in the background..
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    The Art Of Noise - Instruments Of Darkness

Colorado Avanlance

And... by the way..

What happened with Colorado in NHL..

7 - 0 to Detroit, in the 7th match, taking them to the Stanley Cup finals..

I guess they'd lose, but.. 7 - 0 is kinda ridiculous.. It's not like Colorado is some small, local club or anything..