May 15th, 2002



Hmm.. and it was a bad idea buying myself a new Playstation(2)..

Since it's way too easy to.. when you're not entirely in the mood to do stuff etc.. to simply "relax" playing.. Right now.. I'm trying to finish Tomb Raider 4... Which I bought when it was new.. started to play.. but left somewhere in the middle (or whatever).. before my Playstation broke (Which might have to do with me having it running, with Tomb Raider 4, for like 6 months.. before I returned to play.. For some reason, the laser didn't like that, that much).

Went to a Health check for a thing at work.. Kinda like taking a Driver's License thing.. Well.. Basically answer some questions.. if I had this and that, or not.. Hearing I had checked not long ago, so didn't had to do that.. so.. it was only, basically, to see if I saw anything.. Now.. I do wear glasses.. and need visual aid all the time... so.. I kinda know that I see etc (with glasses), so it was pretty much pointless excercise.. (Reminds me that I ought to go book a time to check my eyes properly get contacts and new glasses (even if it's not that much wrong with the ones I've got now.. For some reason.. despite being quite old.. my glasses are pretty much ok.. no scratching etc)

Got 4 new DVDs.. (Wooo.. what a surprise.. me getting new DVDs.. ). Nothing that special.. All of them were cheapies.. (Sale/Reduced price etc).. And at least 2 of them I bought basidally only to replace my VHS versions of them..

"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" (Kinda fitting when I'm playing the game.. LOL. I probably think it totally sucks.. but.. it's one of those movies you're kinda curious about.. but.. I would never ever have paid full price for it.. ) "A Few Good Men" (Kinda traditional, but.. it's an interesting investigation part in it.. ), "Spartacus" (Replacement). "Sense and Sensibility" (Replacement)..

Now.. I'm gonna go leave my IBM Thinkpad away.. (needs to get it fixed).. Hmm.. I've had this Macintosh for 4 years, or something like that.. and not a single problem (Except when the Appearance preferences got corrupted (I think), and it locked up totally as soon as the desktop started to load.. And I tell ya.. it was some problems, to say the least.. to get the computer up and running, so I could fix it), and I haven't had the PC for that long, before it simply refuses to start up at all.. Hmm.. Now.. that wasn't that a big of a problem since my Mac is still my primary computer, and the one I've been real busy with etc..

Oh.. and buy stuff.. The weekly, kinda, shopping, I guess.. Cigarettes.. booze.. (No.. no booze actually).. Milk, Pepsi.. Magazines (possibly), bread, food.

Hmm.. the weather has started to look.. strange tho.. It was basically sunny before.. some clouds.. but.. now it's gotten real cloudy.. I hope it doesn't start to rain.. Well.. it's 20 C (and for alll.. the formula to convert that to F is: C x 9 / 5 + 32, which means it should be 20 x 9 = 180/5 = 36 + 32 = 68 F), outside.. at least.. Kinda nice.. not too warm, and you don't have to freeze your butt off..

And.. I have 3 posts I should do.. "The Meaning of Life" stuff, that jema asked me about once upon a time.. and that I kinda revealed to love_no_evil that I should do.. Another thing that's been sitting in my mind for about 6 months, that love_no_evil brought forward again.. and a post about not paying for stuff/copyright theft/pirating etc.. (that also has been on my mind to write about, for some time)