May 6th, 2002


May Day

Today was a great day.. Finally, it gave a hint that there'll be something called summer..

It was a lovely day.. The sun shining. Not that warm.. Some chilly winds kept it cool, but.. it was pleasant..

But the great stuff came, kinda, when I was walking home from work at 10.20 p.m.

It wasn't exactly bright outside.. but.. the sky towards the north were a pretty light blue, that gradually got a dark blue.. not entirely black..

It looked so nice, as I first walked toward the north.. Seeing that light blue sky, with trees, a water tower and the church tower and stuff.. silhouetted against it.. It looked so great..

I kinda like that time.. just past the sunset.. This far north.. the light of the sun keeps it from getting entirely dark, even if it's below the horizon.. but you still have the street lights etc.. That way.. it's kind of dark.. but.. usually, when it's dark.. you don't see that much.. The further you look.. the darker it becomes.. As it is here.. even if it's kind of dark.. you see stuff far away etc.. It doesn't get lost in a darkness..

I like skyes.. or whatever.. I like it when it's really dark rain clouds, and then the sun shines from behind you.. ligthing all the houses, trees etc.. that's against that dark sky.. Colours looks so vivid etc, and stuff seems to be so.. "clear".. or sharp..

Went to work one summer evening.. it was still bright outside.. But, coming from East, were clouds with (We found out.. rain and, most important, a really heavy thunderstorm.. ). The thing is.. you looked west.. you had a bright blue sky.. the sun was above the horizon.. Then you looked the other way.. and it was, kinda rolling in.. the darkest clouds I've ever seen.. A really, really deep gray.. almost black.. and.. with the sun shining.. seeing that coming closer.. if I'd shoot a movie with the world coming to an end.. I would try to recreate that look.. it kinda felt like some eternal night was coming.. engulfing the world.. Creepy.. but sure faschinating at the same time..

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Checking out the new Phoenix LJ Client..

Too early to see the major differences.. since it's the first time I use it etc.. but.. Seems OK.. as usual.. Love the client..

Slept long today.. Don't remember when I went to bed.. Technically I could check it out, since I sent a message on ICQ right before I went to bed..but.. oh.. ok.. about 5 a.m.
Woke up at about 10, when I went to pee.. Started the computer before.. to let it start up while in the loo.. but.. Felt so darn tired I thought I'd have some more hour.. and woke up at 1 p.m. :(

And delusions is the most adorable.. Got a card/letter from her today.. With a really cute image on the card:

Copyright: David McEnery

Even if I'm slightly mixed about all those animal pics... Sure.. it's cute.. But.. I don't know.. might be the sheer number of them.. Dogs with clothes, pigs with sunglasses etc etc.. And the constructed nature of them. Made to be cute, made to make you go: Awwwwww!!!

Sexy, rather than sensual (referring to my January 24 post: Sexy Sensuality).

Still.. it's a cute picture.. Thanks Miss Mac (Yeah.. I know it's Mc, but.. Mac is such a great thing, you have to be flattered :D )

AIM won't work for me :( Dunno.. it starts up.. but then just sits there, locking up the computer.. You can't click on anything etc..

Another thing: How do you sort dates in your countries.. Here in Sweden, we write dates in a numerical fashion, which automatically makes the dates come after each other:
Today it's 2002-05-06 (as in: Year-Month-Day). That way 2002-06-06, as an example, obviously is a higher number, as in becoming automatically sorted as later.

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They're playing a David Byrne song on the radio.. Not sure what the title is.. "I'm Lazy", or something like that..

It's so great!!! A touch early.. but would have became the major summer hit if it had been released in june-july..

I'm not that surprised tho.. Now, David Byrne is only featured artist, or something like that.. but.. He (in Talking Heads, has done "Popsicle" which would become a huge summer hit if it had been released as a single in the summer.. Only avaible on their "Sand in the Vaseline" Best of Talking Heads album, as one of the previously unreleased songs..

Star Wars


I thought I should go in and book tickets to see it, so I can order Train Tickets to go down and see it..

But.. obviously they've got special rules.. Sandrew, who owns Biopalatset in Stockholm, where I want to see it, only allows you to buy the tickets directly, for the first day.. Then you can book them through Internet or phone, but have to go get the tickets within 24 hrs.. And I can obviously not order them then, since I would have to go down to Stockholm just to pick them up.. Would be a touch too expensive and too much problems..

The problem is that I do have a "floating" schedule at work.. meaning I've got days off every now and then, and obviously have to fit it into that.. As in.. I would be able to go down and see it May 17, or May 23 etc.. (Since I prefer to not going down on a Saturday or Sunday as well..

That way.. I would love to, say... Book tickets for the train for May 17 (If you book them a certain time before, 7 days, you get them for close to half price (which makes it the cheapest way of getting down there etc). But, I can do that.. and hope that I'm able to get tickets. Would really suck, for sure, if I didn't get the tickets, when I've gone down there just for that, basically. Now.. May 17, a Friday, and the 2nd day it's showing.. it might be harder than usual getting tickets..

Guess I'll have to decide going the 23rd (Which isn't that perfect, since I'm working the day before, and is gonna work in the morning, which means getting up at 4.30 a.m., the day after.. or June 3, and at least then.. about 2 weeks after the premiere and a Monday.. I doubt it would be hard getting tickets..

Now.. I'm not that picky about seeing a movie the day it opens etc.. I mean.. it's still the same movie etc.. even if you see it, for the first time.. the date of the premiere or 3 months laters..

But.. well.. Since I've decided to see the movie.. in the first place.. it's..well.. I wanna do it as soon as possible etc.. Can't wait..

The thing I wonder is.. it opens May 16 here, as it does in USA.. Actually, the first showing of it, will be May 15 11.59 p.m. (Then it's only 5.59 p.m. May 15th, in USA.. so that would mean that we're able to see it before you do in USA.. I'm not sure about the rest of Europe.. but I guess it opens in most places May 16 etc.. That way, those fanatics in USA having camped outside the ticket places for a long time now.. might have been better of going somewhere else etc.. Europe.. Australia maybe.. etc.. and get the tickets, if they're so eager to see it first of all.. :)