April 23rd, 2002



And now the sun started shining.. Lovely.. It's been a gray day.. but now.. when I'm on my way to take a shower and go to bed (gotta have some sleep before I leave for work tonight)

Has spent most of the day updating myself on my friends in LJ..

Got 7 DVDs in the mail today.. "Frances", "Dead Man Walking", "12 Angry Men" (Kinda fitting that I got that, since I read that Reginald Rose (the writer) died the other day), "Annie Hall", "Highlander" (Gotta make hlu love me more.. lol), "The Truth about Cats & Dogs", "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

Oh.. and got the tickets for my trip to Stockholm..

Think I've decided what to do this summer.. Mostly gonna spend it at home, but.. think I'll rent a car for 2 weeks and drive around Sweden some.. go places.. Stockholm, of course.. Göteborg and Malmö/København... Not sure what you can do with a rental car (when it comes to driving to other countries.. but.. I'd love to go to Norway some, as well.. Maybe Oslo, since I've never been to Oslo.. ). Oh.. and of course.. get my ass that spitting distance to Borlänge and say Hi to Heddan :) (Hmm.. it's like an hour - hour and a half to get there.. Basically could walk those 500 meters to the train and jump on a train and be there in an hour.. but.. getting around to it.. that's the hard part, of course. But.. of course.. they seems to drive past here every other day, without coming and saying Hi, so she shouldn't complain.. LOL)

Oh.. they're showing "Twins Fall Idaho" on Canal+ now.. Really liked that movie.. and the Actress in it, is so great looking.. :)