April 6th, 2002


Spring Cleaning time??

At least now, they've cleaned up the streets around here (from all the gravel/sand they put out in the winter).. and it feels so nice, and smooth, and silent, to walk again..

Now I might be able to buy some inlines, and be able to use them..

Also, now... of course, it feels as if I have to start a huge spring cleaning, when you don't drag in such a lot of sand, since you can wash your windows (You kinda don't want that BEFORE they take away the sand, since that work is so dusty)

Well.. have to get the Mac cleaned out first.. Only got a small amount of saving to do.. Still.. it's all the image files, which takes up a lot of space, to say the least, and it's hard to fit them all on CDs in a proper, sorted way, since all folders I've got, is too big in themself to fit on a CD.. (The good thing, kinda, is that you seriously consider keeping a lot of images or not)