March 5th, 2002


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Sitting here at my desk. Eddie in my lap. Listening to "The Phantom of the Opera" in my Sennheiser phones.. reading David Baldacci's "Saving Faith". Sometimes sipping from my "Festis- Blueberry/Lemon". Every now and then smoking a Marlboro.

It's dark outside... Heavy wind.. a couple degrees above the freezing point..

I'm lazy..
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    Andrew Lloyd Webber: Act One - Paris 1861


Basically the same...

Eddie still in lap.. (not all the time, but.. at the moment, long enough to make my legs pain)

Still Andrew Lloyd Webber.. Starlight Express (The new version)... I so love it.. It sure rocks.. is tons of fun.. and totally amazing live..

Still reading the novel.. Very interesting... One thing that bothers me, when reading, is that I've got a real hard time stop reading whatever I reading..

Only did a break to do make cattika's Friend Test II

And.. gee ... it has started snowing a lot outside.. Usually, I don't even see it snowing outside, when it's dark outside, unless I go to a window a really look hard.. but now.. I guess.. it's too much to miss..

Freezing point..

Now I'll have to go on reading.. :)

Hugs all..
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    The Original London Cast: Pumping Iron