March 1st, 2002


Holly Hunter

And I so love the voice of Holly Hunter.. The sound of it, the accent..

Especially that scene were she reads from "Three Little Pigs"... and I'll huff, and I'll puff.. in Raising Arizona, when she notices "her husband", Nicolas Cage, doing a hold up at the gas station/convinient store..
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March 15

Darn.. I'd love to be in USA March 15..

Some movies I'm curious about, opens then..

"Ice Age" Dunno.. looks like fun..

"Resident Evil" Now I know it's a computer game, and yes.. I know computer games suck on the big screen, but.. this one actually looks pretty cool..

You can watch trailers on:

Hmm.. the tag line for Men in Black 2 is actually good.. "Same Planet. New Scum". The movie seems to be Men in Black 1 repeated, the other way around tho.. Actually, seen some stills from it, and it seems to have some really nice ideas..

Hmm.. Queen of the Damned, looks so "small" and not good at all..

New DVDs

Nice.. got some new DVDs today...

Actually, someday I'll probably be able to see them too.. :)

"The Electric Horseman". Robert Redford in a GOOD horse movie, with Jane Fonda. Not that original story, but they make the most of it, in a somewhat poetic movie. Hmm..weird.. got "The Misfits" the other day, and even if the story is entirely different, they do have something in common..

"This is Spinal Tap" - 2 Disc Special Edition. I guess few movies has such a lot of memorable quotes/events as that one.. Even if it's, strangely enough, not laugh out funny, it's hilarious all the time.. Gonna be interesting to see those 1 hr of bonus scenes..

"Le Pacte des loupes" (Brotherhood of the Wolves, in US) Said to be pretty gory, violent and sexy.. in IMDB user comments, somebody said: "Merchant Ivory takes up kickboxing"
Checking it out before, when it ran in the theaters, I noticed it gotten very mixed reviews..

"The French Lieutenant's Woman" Beautiful and interesting (without kickboxing tho.. ) movie. The parallel between today and yesterday is a nice storytelling thing, but I'm not entirely sure it's for the benefit of the movie. The novel is interesting in it's own, and is very much about the conventions of the Victorian Era. The strong morality, class etc, which is almost entirely lost in the movie. Still, a very touching movie, tho..

"Manhattan" In my view, the best Woody Allen movie I've seen.. I don't know. The movie has a direction, or simply comes together, as few of his other movies does, or it's because what he wants to show in Manhattan, better suits his way of making movies. He has a way of painting a variety, that way nothing really getting the focus it might deserve, but with Manhattan, it's a general portrait, where all the pieces in itself forms an image, which is why I guess it works. Not the other way, were the surrounding pieces is just a distracting frame for the real image..

Hmm... 377... and still counting..