February 28th, 2002


DVD 368 - 372

Yay.. Got home from work and had a small box waiting for me..

New DVDs.. (as if I didn't have any before LOL)

"Fanny and Alexander". Nice, the 5 hrs version.. As before, I had to get it from UK, since they f****g sucks here in Sweden, releasing movies. The 5 hrs, which has been shown on TV, of course, have never been avaible to buy in Sweden. The 3 hrs version were avaible on VHS, but not the 5 hrs.. Kinda weird, when Ingmar Bergman is our national throphy when it comes to movies..

"Final Fantasy" I haven't seen it, but... I like the style of the animations in the games, to say the least. Well... the style as such, but.. mostly it's the mood of them, or whatever one should say.. That way, it's gonna be interesting to see this one, even if most say it's confusing and has a far too simple storyline..

"French Connection Box" A box with The French Connection and French Connection II. Not sure what to say about those..

"Memento" Haven't seen yet, so... can't say much about it..

Grades for movies..

Usually they give out single number of stars/rabbits/Pluses/whatever..

In USA it's common with 1/2 - 4 stars (8) . In UK * - ***** (5)
In Sweden we got MINUS to 5 icons. (6).

It's a good system, to some degree. It gives you a quick estimation of the movie. You clearly see that it's gotten ** or **** etc, and it gives you a general idea.

I prefer to use another system, when giving points to movies. 3 numbers, 0 - 6. That way, a movie can get 0-0-0 - 6-6-6, but it shouldn't be seen as a number in itself. Not entirely..

The first number can be seen as the standard one number grade. A general feeling about the movie. Did I like it or not, basically.

The second number stands for emotion or entertainment. The movies ability to "interest/entertain" you. I guess, it's a dominance of "heart" value. A movie that warms your heart, is likely to score high. The movies that isn't good, but you can't help love, usually ends up with a high number here.

The third number is a "quality" point. Orginality and "historic" value. The impressive, meaningful art film will likely end up high on this..

Star Wars IV - A new Hope, would that way, end up with a 562 (13), in my view, while Star Wars V - The Empire Strikes back, will end up with a 545 (14), as an example. A new hope isn't exactly original, but it's sure engaging and charming, while The Empire Strikes back is the serious of the trilogy, and generally better, if not as engaging as the first.. Return of the Jedi would get a 341..

I've chosen that order, because I like movies that warms the heart. That way, with a general score first, emotional second and quality third, you're more likely than not, able to read it as a general grade. As in 565 being higher rated, in my eyes, than a 556 movie. But, obviously, one would be able to change the order according to preference. If one thinks movie needs to have a meaning, one would be able to have that number first, and ending with the general point. That way, A new hope would get a: 265, while The Empire strikes back, would get a: 545. If you start with emotional value, A new hope would get a: 625, while TESB: 455.

I'm not sure which way is the fairest, really. The interesting thing, is that it makes it easier to sort films in various ways, by changing the numbers around...