February 25th, 2002



wens seems to have several "discussions" going on at the same time, since we've commented in each others Journals a couple of times, on different subjects.. Since we're at the other end of the world from each other, usually.. I get her comments, replies to all of them, then she ends up answering all mine some time later.. etc etc..

That seems to happen every now and then..

Kinda fun... It feels as if you were playing chess against someone, on several tables at the same time.. Maybe doing that against several players, as well as having some you play just at one table with..

Levi's Engineered Jeans

Wow!!! What a cool commerical they've got..

"freedom to move"

Just saw it.. "Sarabande" (Bach??) as music.. then a man and a woman runs through all kinds of stuff..
It should be avaible on http://www.levi.com/

Almost as good as that Pirelli commercial where Perec is chased by the forces of nature.. http://www.pirelli.com/en_42/this_is_pirelli/communication/advertising/1994_1997_press_poster_campaigns.jhtml

Not entirely, but.. darn close..

Even if the coolest commercial I've ever seen was a commercial "Smirnoff" ran in 1998 (I think.. ).