February 23rd, 2002


Snapping into place

The last couple of months, I've been trying to sort my HD. It's boring, and tedeous work, so It's been a slow process.

I think I started with about 80,000 files (which I've brought down to about 50,000 now).

It's been such boring work, especially since it's been so much, it's hard getting a proper overview of all different kinds of files etc.. Hard making up an order I feel comfortable with. Something that makes sense...

Then, suddenly.. it all kinda snapped in place.. Knowing exactly how it should be, and.. I so love that feeling..

You know.. the same as when you try to make out a Stereogram, and suddenly, you see it. Or.. trying to solve some kind of problem, getting nowhere, until the solution, or the beginning of it, just hits you, and the rest is a piece of cake..

Female sport!

Earlier, I wrote about the Swedish Female Hockey Team, and.. it was really nice reading all comments.

Whatever, that reminded me about a post I thought I would make, but kinda forgot..

I really prefer female sport. Not because they're usually greater looking etc, but because of the emotions..

Part of it, is because it's a Man thing, but there's other reasons.

If a woman, in competition, wins, or does something really good, there really is joy. They become so happy. At the same time, if they loose something really important, they're really sad.
No mistakin'

When a man wins something.. it's generally less emotion. You can have Maurice Green win Olympic gold in 100 m, and he basically looks as if.. "Wow, I was able to catch that bus.."

I don't know if it's because of that, most moments I remember from sport, is with women. Who can forget those images of Florence Jo Griffith winning 100 m in some World Championship.. As she crossed that finish line, she was all joy.

The Australian female walker in the Sydney Olympics, in a surprise big lead.. and.. the triumph, of walking into the arena in front of all those Australians, when she was disqualified just as she entered the arena, like 500 m from the finish line. Total despair, really got a face then.

In Salt Lake City. An Australian woman accepting the Gold medal (don't remember in what event), crying and laughing in turn.. it was so touching.

A Swiss girl, Sandra Meier, or something, who probably expected to be 20th or 30th or something in Figure skating.. The surprise joy, when she got far better score than she'd expected, and a 9th place.

I don't think it's that much of a surprise, that it's been the Best Actress winner at the Oscars, that's been the most memorable the last couple of years.. Julia Roberts completely stealing the show with her thank you speech., while Russel Crowe looked as if: Couldn't you have mailed it to me.. Who is the men accepting a price, you remember.. Cuba Gooding Jr is the only one I can kinda see, when I think about it..