February 22nd, 2002


-She's mad, hanging upside down

One thing I've always wondered..

David Byrne released an album, uh-oh. It's one of my absolute favorite albums.

One interesting thing with that is the song titles, and the order of them..

"Now I'm your mom", "Girls on my mind", "Something ain't right", "She's mad", "Hanging upside down", "A walk in the dark", "Twistin' in the wind", "The cowboy Mambo (Hey lookit me now", "Monkey Man", "A million miles away", "Tiny Town", "Somebody"

I always wondered if it's coincidence, or if it's planned, that you can form sentences out of some of those titles??

- Something ain't right, she's mad hanging upside down. - A walk in the dark, twistin' in the wind: The Cowboy Mambo (Hey lookit me now).
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How on earth, does one get certain things on your mind

Yesterday, when changing clothes, I took out the stuff in the pockets.. My box of Marlboro, next to that, I placed my black Filofax, and on top of that, my as it happens, black Bic lighter.

Nothing special. Only that it got me thinking about how we select colours..

As in, ranking them.. I've got a tendency for Black, in the sense that.. it's a pretty common "colour" (actually, it's a lack of colour), and a lot of stuff is avaible in black. There'll always be black shoes, black clothes etc, as an option, which makes it easy to pick. But, instead of buying, say a red lighter if there's no Violet avaible, I buy a black one.

Just a guess, but I do think that a lot of people has a certain option. If their favorite colours isn't avaible, they lean towards a certain pick. An Outsider, colour.

My favorite colour is about



Then I've got a love for the range of colours spanning from about


(Antiquewhite) to



But, then.. I've got a tendency to always turn to Black, instead of, say.. white..

THIS IS", by the way, an excellent page for HTML colours

Women's Olympic Ice Hockey - Fairy Tale

And YES!!!!!

The Swedish Team won Bronze, beating "arch enemy" Finland, for it..

Now, Bronze is basically as good as Gold, in Women's Hockey. There were no doubt that USA and Canada would get Gold and Silver. They're like 100 times better than the rest of the world combined, for several reasons. Canada, as an example, has 60,000 licensed Female Hockey Players, out of a population of about 30 million people (I guess, 60,000 players out of about 15 million women), while Sweden, as a comparison, has 2,000 players out of a population of 9 million (or about 4.5 million women). That woud mean that about 1 out every 250 women plays hockey in Canada, while in Sweden, it's only 1 in 2,250.

Sweden has really strict laws against discrimination, but that don't comes to sport, where Female sports always is discriminated. We're really interested in sport in Sweden. Most are, and sport is a big thing, but obviously, it's mostly men being interested in it. That way, a lot of men doesn't take Female sport that seriously, and for some reason, often compare male and females. As in Hockey. Male Hockey, in all ways, being better. It's faster, more technical skill etc. Women can't compete with that. The game is slower etc... What I don't understand, is why the need to compare (and say: yeah.. but female hockey.. they're so bad!). Because both is called "Hockey", that doesn't mean it's the same sport at all. Men play according to their conditions, while women play after their. It's not like, if men played women (and the women would always loose), it means they're not interesting.

Actually, this really is a triumph for those "girls" in the Swedish Female Hockey Team. They said, 3 years ago, that, in Salt Like City, we will fight for a medal. The collective Sweden, basically, laughed and said: You must be kidding!.
Since then, they've slaved to reach their goal. Meaning that they have had to endure strange practice hours (since the men always gets the best hours), they don't get any funding, so most of it, they pay out of their own pockets. They, themself, has to organize about everything. Hopefully, that will change now!

They were so seen as not having more chance than a snowflake in hell, the Swedish Olympic Commitee didn't even wanted to send them to Salt Lake City. (Out of 9 games against Finland, as an example, they'd lost 8). The team even begged to be allowed to represent Sweden, even if they would have to pay everything out of their own pockets (Travels, living etc), and.. it was only about 2 - 3 weeks ago, they got a: Yes, you can go.

Disney really should offer them $10 million to make a movie out of it..

I don't care that much about sport, but.. well, were interested in them.. since I've got some interest in Hockey. And actually has watched all their games in the Olympics, and.. when the male team lost, I sure prayed that the female team would get that Bronze medal, to show everyone they're able to fight to the end (which can't be said about the male team who probably earns billions of dollars (combined)/year.
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