February 16th, 2002



Of course.. it's 14:37 here (2.37 p.m.) and I guess most of USA is asleep..

Still.. for some reason, you kinda notice that it's Weekend... we over here in Europe starting to have a higher percentage of posts, and all LJ mail being European or Australian, with basically nothing coming from North America..

I guess it will be that way until Sunday night/Monday Morning (here), when the mailbox is gonna start fill up with tons of LJ mails from North Americans catching up on what they missed in LJ during the weekend..

And suddenly.. they're gonna be on the messengers, having been mostly silent during the weekend.. (excpet for the European friends you have on there)..

Interesting.. Until about 4 months ago.. I think a majority of my online contacts have been Americans.. but lately, it has shifted and I seem to spend most of the time commenting/chatting with Europeans..


I so hate it..

Doing a pic of siljebabe.. having "cut her out" (selecting her, and erased everything not her.. ), was trying some filter, and one of them crashes Photoshop.. and I'll have to start all over..

It so, sucks!!
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