January 27th, 2002



In case you missed it, I created a sequel to my friends test..

Friend Test 2

At the moment.. jema is at the top of the Highscore, and she won the last test.. Hmm.. is nobody gonna bring her down?? Hmm.. maybe I should marry her.. since she knows all about me..

I'm impressed by siljebabe who scored 0.. Yes.. Zero.. I thought that was close to impossible, actually.. Hmm.. Except that she wouldn't want to (Wrong sex), maybe I should marry her.. We sure would have a lot to figure out about each other.. have a lot to talk about.. LOL
Well.. she's excused.. She's my newest "Friend", and we haven't had that much contact etc etc.. and.. well.. she's not on my custom Friends list yet, which I've posted some of the more personal stuff as.. And see.. if you score 0, you get half a post about you.. :), so you can't accuse me of feeling bad about it..