January 24th, 2002



I wrote a comment to wens about what movies I like..

And.. well.. I decided to post it in my journal too..

These are movies I think everybody should give a try. Obviously, not all movies are to everyone's taste etc, but.. This is my selection, at least..

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I wrote a comment to <lj user=wens> about what movies I like..

And.. well.. I decided to post it in my journal too..

These are movies I think everybody should give a try. Obviously, not all movies are to everyone's taste etc, but.. This is my selection, at least..


No particular order..

The Fisher King
Groundhog Day
La Belle Noiseuse (French)
Koyaanisqatsi (Canadian)
I've heard the mermaids sing (Canadian)
Novecento/1900 (Italian)
Il Mio Nome é Nessumo/My Name is Nobody (Italian)
Once upon a time in the West/C'era Una Volta il West (Italian)
Oci Giorne/Dark Eyes (Italian-Russian)
Raging Bull
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Blood Simple
Edward Scissorhands
The Colour Purple
Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
Drowning By Numbers (UK-Netherlands)
La Notte di San Lorenzo/The Night of Shooting Stars(/San Lorenzo) (Italian)
Fanny & Alexander (Sweden-Germany)
Det Sjunde Inseglet/The Seventh Seal (Sweden)
Henrietta (Sweden)
Galaxy Quest
A Zed and Two Noughts (ZOO) (UK - Netherlands)
Orlando (UK - Netherlands)
American Grafitti
It's a Wonderful Life
Cat People + Curse of the Cat People
The Night of the Hunter
Dark Star
Singin' in the Rain
The Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
Repulsion (UK)
Annie Hall
Mighty Aphrodite
Four Friends
Stop Making Sense
The Bridges of Madison County
Nostalghia (Russia - Italy)
Stalker (Russia)
L.A. Story
The Hitcher
The Wrong Man
Little Shop of Horrors (1988?)
Lola Rennt/Run Lola Run (Germany)
Aliens (Special Edition)
Camille Claudel
Erendira (Mexico)
When Harry Met Sally
The Long Good Friday (UK)
Modern Times
City Lights
Short Cuts
sex, lies & videotapes
The Secret of NIMH
Watership Down
Sharky's Machine
The Shawshank Redemption
Young Einstein
Some Like it Hot
Nikita/La Femme Nikita (France)
Subway (France)
Le Cinquieme Element/The Fifth Element (France)
Le Grand Bleu/The Big Blue (France)
Time Bandits (UK)
Raising Arizona
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Raiders of the Lost Arc
Aladdin (Disney)
Runaway Train

Something like that.. :)

Much of it can be summed up in: Terry Gilliam, Peter Greenaway, Luc Besson, Joel & Ethan Coen, Tim Burton, Sergio Leone, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, Charlie Chaplin

Of course.. I just sat here and wrote the movies I can think about, straight from my head, and I'm sure I've forgotten some..

You can double-check it on my site <a href="http://home.swipnet.se/luka_design">"Thom Luka"</a>
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I'm no better than anybody else.. Wish I were..

Some time ago, I wrote a letter to wens, as a reply to her "extensive" Christmas Card (The only sad thing about it, was that she hadn't done the drawing!!!).

Well.. I got my Fountain Pens, a "nice" paper with matching envelope and wrote the letter. I sealed the envelope with a seal of "wax"(?), or whatever it is, and a nice "stamp" with an ornated T.

No. I don't write letters that way all the time. I do use the computer at times, to write plain (typewrited) or layouted letters, sometimes I use a simple ballpoint Pen and some standard, plain paper etc. Depends a little bit on what kind of letter etc, or my laziness.. But, usually, if it's a nice, short letter, I try doing it with some "style". Not to impress, or because I think I should put some effort into it etc. It's only that I think letters, has some style. I don't say I'm right, in the style I'm using, or that I'm good at it or anything.. It's simply my view, and trying to do it the best I could.
For some reason (The introduction of the ballpoint pen, massproduction of cheap bulk paper, telephones etc) a style "lost".

God knows I hate shaving, and for several reasons don't do it that often (Lazy, no routines, working strange hours etc), and.. I do use something as "simple" as a Gilette Mach 3 razor, how original :).

An electric shaver might be nice and easy to use etc, but...
It's too far from my ideals, and I simply don't like using one. Since I'd probably cut myself real bad, and too much dislike shaving.., I'd never use a razor (knife), Brush and shaving soap, but.. I dunno.. That is "Shaving", to me.. The ritual, of it, as such..

You might think I'm nostalgic, old fashioned or conservative.. I don't think I am... but, it's not about that...

It's about beauty. There's some beauty in a letter such as that, or the ritual of shaving in that way. A sensuality.

I dunno... I think people in general, doesn't stop to admire/catch the beauty in stuff, as much as they should. To see the value in beauty and style. Too busy, lazy or whatever, to spend some effort doing something nice.

And.. oh.. remember.. I guess, a couple of inces below that concrete or asphalt, there's "nature".. Mother Earth.. The Wilderness.. It's nice to see the isolated islands of grass, a tree or that Dandelion breaking through, fighting back..
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Sexy Sensuality

There's lots of ways you can see/divide the world in.. and I don't mean black and white..

I guess you can divide people in Artistic or Sportsmen, if you want, etc..

Of course there's a scale, but.. I tend to judge (attractive) stuff using "Sexy" or "Sensual"..

Sexy, is flashy stuff.. direct, but kinda tiresome.. The things that make you go.. "Oh, Wow!"..

You meet that blonde with "round" face, red lips.. curves.. big boobs in tight shirt etc.. (Or whatever the manly version of it is, if you're a girl). Someone drawing attention to them (without needing to try).. They're just so hot.. You follow them with your gaze etc..

Multicoloured gaudy blinking lights..

Most of the top 10 singles..

The pics of women in Penthouse..

They're all "sexy".. They grab the attention, make you look... make you go oooh and aaah..

The thing with sexy is that it rarely lasts.. Sexy is often simple, as in limited.. When you've seen that blonde for 10 seconds, there's not that much more to it..

Sensuality might not be attractive at first.. It doesn't jump out and shout: "Look at me!!", as "Sexy" tends to do.. Often, sensuality demands concentration and patience. The reward, I guess, is that, once you've seen the sensual beauty, it tends to grow, and stays in heart or mind for extremely long time..

You enjoy your coffee at that café, when you see that brunette a couple of tables away.. maybe reading a book... Not that hot, or anything.. Maybe passing looks at first, then longer and longer, until you're transfixed..

Light from Candles..

Soft shadows

Obviously.. it's kinda hard to describe, since, especially, sensuality (That comes from the same line as senses, and means something like teasing the senses) is so much based on emotional impact.

I guess you can use Sexy on Coffee, and Sensual on Tea. Coffee is hot, has lots of taste and is direct. A rush.. Energy.. Something you quickly gets and consume fast..
Tea is more relaxed, more silent. It demands a ritual that's time-comsuming, you tend to sit back and relax and slowly drink your tea. Peaceful.

You wouldn't crawl up in a sofa, with a blanket, with some lit candles with a cup of coffee (more likely you'd stand at the kitchen counter drinking it), but.. it sure is perfect with a huge mug of tea (Chocolate's nice too)
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