January 9th, 2002


Day 8

Hmm.. Weird.. it's really day 9, right now.. but.. it has to do with me having worked nights..

Well.. I didn't get into bed until about 6 am.. so I slept until noon..

Woke up, and the mail had arrived.. A big box.. The ones Discshop sends.. Great.. some new DVDs.. (Ride with the Devil (Ang Lee), Dawn of the Dead - 2 DVD Collector's edition (In my opinion, the best of the trilogy), Lorenzo's Oil (Great actors in a really interesting and engaging movie), Kylie Minouge - Live in Sydney, Midnight Run (I so love Charles Grodin), My Fair Lady, Mystery Men).

Didn't have time to watch them.. Chatted some with kubi, before starting to clean some stuff up.. not that much.. started cleaning up my Fountain Pens (it was such a long time since I used them, they'd dried up.. and getting them to work again is some task.. ). Used it to write a letter to wens. (Yes.. I've written your letter, and mailed it). Well.. Couldn't get the pens working that well.. might have been the paper, that kinda stopped the ink-flow.. dunno.. Hmm.. I made a nice work with it tho.. even added a seal on the envelope.. looked real neat.. but.. it'll probably not survive until it reaches her.. One thing.. I kinda like old traditional things, when it comes to certain things.. I like to write letters on real nice paper, with a fountain pen.. and use wax and a "stamp" to seal the envelope etc..

When I'd finished that.. I had some bacon and baked beans.. what was left of it, before going to bed to have a 2 hrs nap before having to go to work..

LJ didn't worked that well. Hmm.. it worked, but so slow..