December 30th, 2001


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Hmm.. Heck.. it's the 4th time, I think.. that huge Tractor goes by plowing away the snow.. It's dark outside, so I can't really see if it's snowing or not.. but... in the lights from the tractor, it looks like it does.. Hmm.. has basically snowed for 2 days now.. Not that heavy, but.. the world outside my window starts looking really.. well.. soft.. cottonlike.. and just wonderful.. Can't really say how much snow we've got here.. Don't have enough of an open space to look at (and of course.. it's kinda hard to just look at the snow and guess).. but.. I guess it's slightly more than a foot..

Hmm.. it's - 12.1 Celsius.. That's 10.0 F (For those with strange way of measuring temperature).


Went out to store today.. got some milk and stuff..

Well.. it was so extremely beautiful outside.. with the snow and the lights etc.. I decided to go out photographing..

Well.. did.. 9 pm.. - 16 C.. (5 F).. I sure hope it turns out as well as those autumn pics.. But.. it's always tricky when it's dark outside etc.. Can't be entirely sure about how it turns out.. Then.. due to cold.. the equipment was kinda shaky.. and my fingertips really got gold.. darn..

Well.. gonna have it developed as soon as possible.. like Wednesday or something.. hmm.. Thursday maybe better.. See if it was worth the effort.. and.. if it did ok.. of course I'll post them..
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Every evening/night.. for some reason, my cat.. Edward.. comes to me and wants to crawl up in my lap.. not really wanting to be cuddled etc.. he just seems to feel alone, and tired.. and wants to get into lap and go to sleep.. nice.. except that I prefer to sit with my legs crossed, up on chair, as he does.. and.. well.. 20 - 30 mins later.. my legs feels.. well.. stiff and starting to hurt badly etc..

Got some pics before that, tho..

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