December 28th, 2001


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Lazy days..

Paid bills.. geez... $700 of them..

Hmm.. went and get the Region Free Chip to my DVD player at the mail office.. Now I'll have to see to get it mounted into the player..

Went to Gävle.. A quickie.. Bought 3 pairs of pants.. got "Ende Neu" Album by Einstürzende Neubauten, with that song I wrote about.. It's so great!!! "nnnaaammm" (New No New Age Advanced Ambient Motor Music Machine) .. welcome to electro-smog therapy..

Skipped seeing a movie.. such a lot of people in line.. and I wasn't feeling the greatest..

Trevor Horn does the best Soundtrack Albums.. Toys.. Insignificance.. Kinda reflects the movie.. in a soundscape manner..

It's amazing what a lot of music/songs one likes.. at least I do.. I wonder if there's some connection between them.. if it can be narrowed down to something..

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    Tori Amos - The Happy Worker

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And.. of course.. one of my absolute favorite songs.. I forgot it on the list.. and they're playing it on the radio now..

The Knack - My Sherona