December 18th, 2001


(no subject)

Boring day today.. Worked.. got some stuff from the store, I needed, on the way home, took a 2 hrs nap.. then haven't done that much..

Saw "Mummy Returns" on DVD yesterday.. and.. well.. Except for the last 10 mins, wasn't much seeing. I loved the first movie.. A nice, entertaining adventure. But "Mummy Returns".. well.. sappy romantic adventure that tries to be Lawrence of Arabia.. and fails miserable.. I know, I know.. The critics, and most public has said it's bad, but.. I kinda wanted to see it for myself..
What went wrong? Well.. First of all, they suffers from sequel-sickness.. (The need to get references to the first movie, in the story.. as in... all loving characters of the first should be in it, in one way or another...and of course, use as many of the situations from the first you can, but 1 step up). The story is confusing, or really.. the story is good, only that it's told in a really lousy way.. There are few things that's fun, or awesome. It's mostly just "boring".. The worst part is that it's really not bad, just boring and uninteresting..

Oh.. and Christmas Cards has started to arrive.. Yay!! Just love it!!

Of interest here, is the one I got from delusions. Much love!!