December 12th, 2001



Found this in kibbles LJ, and since I'm using a Mac myself...

If I am on your contact list, please note:

" * The latest versions of ICQ for Windows® default to very strict security settings that prevent them from directly communicating with ICQ for Mac. This affects peer-to-peer features such as chat and file transfer. We hope to resolve these issues in the near future. In the meantime, you may want to ask your contacts that use such versions of ICQ, to lower their security settings, as they see fit."

Thanks Kibbles!! Now, I'm gonna go download the client myself, maybe.. I was in there not long ago, to see if there were a new one, but..

Hmm.. Wonder if Yahoo is gonna start working on a proper Mac Client anytime in the near future, or..
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Help lucysworld campaign

Oh.. Someone I've had contact with for close to a year and a half, lucysworld, she's a really great person, recently married and getting her second kid not long ago. You can do worse than read her journal, and visit her site.. Lucysworld

Well.. She's got a problem with a company in Amsterdam, they don't send her the refund she should have, even if they've said they will, and she sure needs the money..

That way, if someone knows someone, or someone that knows someone, in the Netherlands/Holland, preferably Amsterdam, who could maybe help her in some way, talk with them or tell her what she could do to force them to send her the money etc etc.