November 25th, 2001



The past week, I've spent time (when I'm not chatted with the lovely evilshell, jema and other very nice and fun people) sorting stuff here.. trashing lots of stuff, put papers in binders etc etc..

I'm now at the computer stuff, and isn't it ironic that the computer industry works towards the "paperless office" and those are the ones that always sends along the most paper...

First, the single CD-ROM and manual etc comes in a box that could house about 10 times as much material..
Then, they send along: Warranty-card, Register-card, License agreement, How to install/getting started-manual, Technical support, Proof of purchase, Reference guide to menus and shortcuts and manual.

Hmm.. Why can't they release just a manual, that includes all that info about how to install, addresses etc, tear-off registration card.. and a small pocket on the inside cover where the CD fits (since they come in those small paper/soft plastic covers anyway) and sell it in a booksized box..
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