November 6th, 2001


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It's snowing!!!!

The first I've seen this year..

I wouldn't say it snows that much, but.. it's snow!!!!
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Lovely day

First.. somebody says some words I really loved hearing.. :)

Then there's the first snowflakes..

Then I got new furniture delivered from IKEA..

A chair: "Nominell" (But Black and Beige)

Bookshelf: "Billy" (White)

and a madrass: "Sultan Skymning"

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If only people knew the size of this apartment.. the sheer amount of Billys and all other furniture would baffle them..

and.. oh.. Now I can fit 2 more Billys.. LOL. well.. Have to replace the thing I've got my CD's in, with one.. but.. still.. it would add one.. placed back to back..

Well.. mounted the chair.. It's nice.. really like it..

Mounted the Billy, and by moving everything around, was able to get it into place.. moving books from the other I've got there, I was able to move that a little, and that way get the bed in place..

Actually, was really nice getting to lay down in it..

The apartment, looks a mess tho.. *sigh*