October 31st, 2001


body and soul

Well.. during my time at LJ i've came across some communities dedicated to looks..

Such as "smalltits"..

Communities often dedicated to being proud of what you've got, despite it's not being.. well.. the general good image of bodies.. as in.. not blonde, no big tits, fat etc..

I don't say it's wrong.. It's good to be proud of oneself, but.. I generally don't like obsession with bodies.. being it good bodies or not good bodies..

Of course, I've got the image of the perfect body etc.. in my mind.. but do I really care.. No. I do know that good looks are winning.. I mean.. if I look at someone, and have a choice, I look at the beautiful one.. It's nature, I guess. We all love beautiful things..

Still... Would I ever marry a great body? Nope. Would I hang out with someone with a great body? Not because of that..

How interesting is small or big boobs, if they come with a totally uninteresting face? And how interesting is that face if it doesn't come with something behind it that makes me have a good time?