October 29th, 2001


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Oh.. they're playing "I drove all night" with Cyndi Lauper.. I so like that song..

"12 Deadly Cyns" is such a great album..
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Some updates:

"Aberdeen" Really great actors, and even if the movie isn't that special or original, strangely insteresting.
"Blair Witch Project" Finally I got around to see the movie. Well.. Not that good. Actually, it would've served better as radio theater. In fact, the fake documentaries surrounding the movie is far more interesting than the actual movie. The "project" as such.

DVD P - S:

199: "Payback" Pretty cool, but un-engaging. A description of events, more than a story. Feels kinda small.

200: "Per Qualche Dollaro in Pi—" (For a few dollars more). Sergio Leone is one of my absolute favorites. This isn't his best, but really good. Stylistic and entertaining. Even if the movie was made independent of each other, you can't really see them as isolated movies, with themes running through them.

201: "Per un Pugno di Dollari" (A Fistful of Dollars" See above. Of course, this is very much a remake, as well as not, of Kurosawa's "Yojimbo". The original story of course is an american gangster novel. Sergio Leone kinda wanted to bring it back to America, but set it in the proper context of big myths.

202: "The Perfect Storm" Interesting movie, where, if I remember right, you know about the ending from start, and knowing that, makes the unfolding drama such a lot more powerful. When you see their heroic struggle towards doom.

203: "The Pillow Book" Peter Greenaway is number 2 on my list of directors. All the directors on my favorite list has one thing in common. Their movies can't really be judged against other movies. They're "original". That's really the case of Peter Greenaway. To even try compare his movies with other movies is plain stupid. You can only compare Peter Greenaway movies against other Peter Greenaway movies, and in that case, this was a slight let down. Still a really great movie, but.. Not up to his usual standard. Still, some scenes are among the best, and funniest, he's ever done.

204: "Pleasantville" My favorite movie of all time. That way, it feels kinda stupid writing about it. Since it's my favorite movie, where should I start telling how perfect it is..

205: "Porky's" Good. Heck no! Advanced intellectual comedy. Nope, not really. But.. it has something.. something that makes it special. One thing being that, compared to todays movies of this kind, it's not "mean". For some reason, the movies today depends on a general bullying. A harder climate.

206: "Pret-a-porter" Haven't really seen. Looks to be pompous and predictable.

207: "The Princess Bride" This is one of those movies that simply makes your heart smile and feel really warm.

208: "Psycho 1998" Kinda hard saying anything about this. In the end, what's the point, if the point isn't the point in itself. Now, of course, I've seen the original. That was I "know it". Would be interesting to know what someone encountering the story for the first time, thinks.

209: "Raging Bull" This is a mysterious movie. Why is one impressed by it? The main character is an unsympathic person, in a far from original story. Still.. it's got to be one of the best movies of the 80's..

210: "Ragtime" Far from perfect, trying to show too much and not being able to tie all ends together. That way, it lacks the impact it should have, if it had been less. But, most of the time, watchable.

211: "Raising Arizona" If I'd sold a piece of my heart to the Coens with their first movie, Blood Simple, they grabbed a large chunk of the rest with this. If you want to understand the greatness of Joel & Ethan Coen, just take a look at the first 15 mins of this, until the Main Title. (Of course, the rest of the movie is good too, even if it's slightly to much about screaming, at times.. LOL). This is the first time they created images that you simply can't forget, as that "biker" from hell cruising down the road (In other movies, it would be the hat floating in the wind in Miller's Crossing, John Goodman coming down a hotel corridor in flames in Barton Fink, Macy out on the parking lot clearing his windshield from ice in Fargo etc.)

212: "RoboCop - Director's Cut" (Criterion Collection DVD) Fun, dark, cynical, ironic and just perfect.

213: "Rocketeer" This is a real entertaining, old time, adventure. Engaging, to say the least.

214: "Rollerball" Haven't seen the DVD, but seen the movie some times before. Interesting, even if it's a touch too low key a lot of the time. The interesting thing is that, the world it portrays isn't so far away.

215: "Romancing the Stone" Drags at times, but is mostly a really fun adventure. Douglas and Turner is a great Buddy-team.

216: "Ronin" Standard thriller.

217: "A Room With A View" Powerful drama that touches you.

218: "Roxanne" Just brilliant adaption of the Cyrano de Bergerac-theme. The nose-business are nicely updated. The soldiers having became firemen etc. Even if I've seen it lots of times, there's still scenes that make me spit out whatever I've got in my mouth.. Like when he throws the stone through the window.

219: "The Running Man" Can't say it has anything to do with the novel, even if they've kept some of th basic theme of it (it's kinda fun that it's "Based on the Novel by Richard Bachman" rather than Stephen King). Kinda hard to know what to say about it.. it's cheesy, but.. it do have something that makes you remember it.

220: "Rush Hour" Another buddy-flick. This works pretty well thanks to them being from different cultures which allows jokes of that kind. Then, of course, Jackie Chan.. Doesn't matter how many movies you see with him, he always finds new ways to do things and go: "How the heck does he do that".

221: "Rushmore" Haven't seen.

222: "Sabrina" Was some time since I saw the movie, but it's a nice and romantic story. Bogart is good as a stiff, even if he's a touch to stiff. You never feel he's fallen deeply in love, the way you should.

223: "Sal• o le Centoventi Giornate di Sodoma" (Sal• or the 120 days of Sodom) Obviously a very controversial movie, based on one of de Sade's books and containing extreme amounts of nudity and violence. What makes the movie disturbing isn't as much that, as much as the portrait of Fascism. The book, nicely transported to Mussolini's "Sal•" and the last bastion of Fascism in Italy (in a major way). That's not evident in the movie in itself, and to some degree, the point of the movie isn't about Fascism as such. You have to be aware of Italy and Fascism during World War II to know the references. It do show how cruel humans can be.

224: "Saving Private Ryan" Have only seen the first 10 mins (which, by the way, didn't made me wanna go on).

225: "Scarface" Good. Not really, but few movies has such an impact as this.

226: "Scream" This one is just perfect. Scary and lots of fun. Wes Craven has always been interesting, and can by really good when he's got the right material and that, he's got here. There's one single moment in this movie that's one of the most impressive moments I've seen in movies, and that is in the beginning (with Drew Barrymore). The movie starts out kinda fun, then there's that line, that reveals that the murder is watching her, and in that instant, the movie turns into something really scary.

227: "Scream 2" Very uneven, mixing really good scenes with incredibly stupid ones. Slightly too predictable. At the same time, it has to be placed in a trilogy, in a bigger vision.

228: "Scream 3" Haven't gotten around to see it.

229: "Scrooged" I just love this movie. Really good version of "A Christmas Carol" in the first place. Really funny, as well as it's able to make your heart shine of joy. It's kinda sad, that it's slightly overlooked. Especially compared with Bill Murray's other really great movie, "Groundhog Day". Now, that has a slight edge over "Scrooged", but it's with a very fine margin..

230: "Se7en" Amazing thriller, even if it kinda flips out at the end. The problem is that the story leaves very little headroom for the ending. That way, there's nowhere to go, and that way there's no way it can make a specific point. The story becomes self-fulfilling, as much as the theme of the movie is that.

231: "The Secret of My Success" Now, nobody can accuse Micael J. Fox of appearing in original movies, but for some reason, they always seems to work. Entertainment for the moment they might be, but if that's the goal, they succeed, including this one.

232: "The Shadow" I've always loved "The Shadow"-character. The problem with this movie is that it has to be perfect to work, and it's really close. In fact, it's kinda irritating. When watching the movie, you can't help but feel that.. if they'd only been able to take that tiny step longer, what a great movie this would've been. Instead, it kinda falls flat to the ground.

233: "Shakespeare in Love" This is one great movie, and real smart the way it's able to use Shakespeare as a way to both make fun of movie-making as well as create a really great romance. Lots of fun, the more fun the better you know "Hollywood", and of course, a romantic story that really touches your heart. Perfect.

234: "Shanghai Noon" Not perfect in any way, but great fun. Spirited.

235: "'The Shawshank Redemption" From one of Stephen King's best books (Different Seasons), and the best adaption of his work, so far. At least the best movie. Really powerful and engaging drama, that's just so good.

236: "The Shining" Haven't seen this version, since it's Region 1 coded. (In USA, The Shining is 142 mins, while in at least Europe, it's always been 120 mins (cutting the prolouge)) Bought this in USA to be sure of getting the longer version, when I was able to get it. As for the movie, I can't say I like it that much, for 2 reasons. I like Stephen King, and the novel, as well as Stanley Kubrick isn't a storyteller. Kinda ironic. Stephen King is one of the best storytellers there is, and the movie is done with one of the worst storytellers in movies. The main problem with Stanley Kubrick is that he's a cold hearted intellectual, and that way interested in themes. With The Shining, it feels as if his main interest was to create a horror-movie, the psychology of horror, rather than tell a "ghost story", which isn't possible, since horror-movies defy theory and is the result of a gut-feeling for our big subconsious fears.

237: "Shooting Fish" Adventurous comedy about some small-time swindlers. Great actors, and very entertaining.

238: "Showgirls" Compared with "Hollow Man" this is a masterpiece, despite it not being that good. Kinda interesting tho. Of course, it's a re-telling of the "All About Eve"-story, but lacking both the impact and depth of that.

239: "The Silence of the Lamb" Now, of course, having read the novel before I saw the movie, and really liking what Thomas Harris wants to do, it was hard not to be disappointed by the movie. In the novel, the main theme is the psychology of "Buffalo Bill", but in the movie he's only the background, almost not there at all. That way, the chase for him becomes kinda pointless, since it's not really related to the main theme of the movie. Still, it has some really great scenes, and is generally well acted.

240 "Silkwood" One of the most underrated and unknown movies I know of, and it's a real gem. Very good actors (Meryl Streep, Kurt Russel and Cher) in a very interesting and surprisingly, despite it's theme, entertaining movie. A must.

241: "Silverado" Don't know what to say about this. It's a western, with an amazing cast-list. Not the hottest stars maybe, but with a lot of "good" actors which usually doesn't that make that much of a fuzz about it. They're simply good.

242: "A Simple Plan" For some reason this was a slight disappointment. Maybe all the praise it's got, that it's Sam Raimi in a "Coen"-style movie which made me have too high expectations. It's far from bad, but.. well.. I don't know. Maybe I expected too much. The main problem also might be that it's too restrained. It's kept simple and very realistic, when the story has the potential of being "crazy", only that the movie isn't allowed to take that extra step and "flip over".

243: "Singin' in the Rain" A must. This is so good. A lot of fun, very entertaining and with really great musical scenes (even if it doesn't feel that much like a musical).

244: "The Sixth Sense" When I saw this, I already knew the ending, which kinda destroyed it. It was impossible not to think about it, especially since the movie is so based on you not knowing. If you do, it's extremely visible in the movie. Too obvious. Strangely enough, I suspect that, if you've seen it once, without knowing, you can very well see it again and again. Despite me it being kinda destroyed by the fact that I kn0w the premises, and it was easy to spot it, it was a really great movie.

245: "Sleepy Hollow" Tim Burtons best "studio"-picture. Probably because he's probably been able to do very much what he wanted. Extremely good looking, a lot of fun and "wow". The only problem with the movie is that it's.. well.. hollow, or really.. shallow. Kinda, much ado about nothing, in the end.

246: "Sliding Doors" Wonderful movie. Real fun, real romantic and very smart. This is a movie one just love, in enchanted by.

247: "South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut" I really love "South Park" and the creators frakness about how it really is, mixed with total anarchy. Of course, South Park is very much pitted against The Simpsons, which is kinda unfair, since The Simpsons' very much is moral fantasies while South Park is very much hard hitting no-nonsens satire saying surprisingly many truths you don't like to talk about. As for the movie, it's great with a real good story and great musical numbers. The only problem is that they've wanted too much. They've thrown in absolutely everything, and it becomes a slightly distracting overkill, since the story tries to go everywhere at once.

248: "Southern Comfort" Once, Walter Hill was "God", doing really great movies.. "The Long Riders", "Streets of Fire", "Driver" and this one, before he teamed up with the wrong people. This one, a Vietnam War-allegory and sibling with "Deliverance", has a great cast, looks really great and is scaringly effective.

249: "Species II" Haven't seen. Liked the first one, and got this cheap.

250: "Speed" Good, effective and fun action (Which they totally forgot in the sequel) which doesn't take itself too seriously. The only problem being that it doesn't exactly know what leg it should stand on. At times, it's over the top fun, while at times it tries to be too serious. Maybe because Keanu Reeves' limitations in taking himself a touch too seriously at times. Maybe because there's only so much you can do trapped on a bus. It seems they had to fill out the time at times.

251: "Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace" I'm not sure about this DVD, since I haven't, seen all, as well as not compared it directly, but it feels like this is re-cut from the original theatrical release. Or it's my memory serving me bad. In the Pod Race, it feels like there is sequences I dont' remember having seen. As for the movie, it's a love and hate affair. While I generally enjoyed it, it sure doesn't make it easy to like it. While the first Trilogy had fairly simple stories (at least the first ("A New Hope") and that way very effective rides, this tries to tell way too much with lots of parallel stories which makes it unfocused. You're thrown from one thing to the other. Then, George Lucas has become obsessed with kids. Most of what was done in the Special Editions of the original trilogy was very chidish, and that continues in this. The thing with Star Wars is that it's very serious in a not too serious way. Now it doesn't feel serious at all, filled with childish fart-jokes etc. The third problem is that George Lucas seems to have done a parody of Star Wars, instead of taking it seriously. It's like.. "Oops, I destroyed that". Luke Skywalker would never have accidently blown up the Deat Star etc. The Phantom Menace is filled with stuff like that, as if it was all a big joke. Still... as I said, I generally enjoyed it. As for the DVD, it really sets a new standard. Forget all about the lame trailers and that "Behind-the-scenes"-PR stuff the companies seems to throw unto the DVDs because they need to have something extra on the disc. Except for the actual movie, Lucas have never done anything half-hearted which this DVD proves.

252: "State and Main" What is it with movies today. In a very short time, they seem to have re-done a lot of movies without actually making re-makes. "Galaxy Quest" is almost identical with "Three Amigos", and "State and Main" reminds a lot about Alan Alda's "Sweet Liberty", but far from as fun. Even if it's not bad, it feels like it could be better. Especially since it's David Mamet. First of all, it's not sure what it's main theme should be, and in the end leaves all the themes kinda unfulfilled ending in a neither unhappy, nor happy ending. Then it makes fun of movie-business, only that, it feels, if you're gonna get it, you gotta know about the movie-business to get the references, but.. if you know about the movie-business the movie is too nice about it. It's as if Mamet hates the business, but is way too grateful towards it.

253: "Stop Making Sense" The best concert-movie there is. 'nuff said! Actually, it's a really great concert-documentary as well as a great movie which should be used in film-schools. It presents the main characters in the opening act, one by one, as regular movies does, then have a middle act which presents vhat Talking Heads is about, until it reaches the resolution and final "climax" in the third act. The nice thing about it, is that it's able to mix the big picture, the whole, with details that takes you on stage. You're both the audience and on stage, it feels like.

254: "Storm of the Century" Now, this is a two or three-part TV-series, and of course suffers some from being seen here as a close to 4 hrs movie, since it gets a touch long, especially since it's made to be seen as several small movies. Then, of course, since TV has the commercials, the build up in 10 min segments gets kinda distracting. Still, it's fairly ok Stephen King. Far from his best stories, or screenplays, but.. ok.

255: "The Straight Story" Haven't seen.

256: "Strange Days" This is a weird movie, that in the end really kills itself. It's really great and effective movie, but it does blow the story up as something really big and important, then.. in the end, it reveals that it didn't was about that at all, and you feel kinda cheated. Still, a must see.

257: "Straw Dogs" Not seen.

258: "S†nger fr†n andra v†ningen" (Songs from the second floor). Swedish movie that was celebrated all around the world. Haven't seen it tho..
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