October 14th, 2001



What scares me most right now...

No, not any terrorist attacs etc..

It's the way our western democracys soon will take away the foundation of democracy in their fervour to crush every terrorist their is.

The danger with this is, if this goes through, is the way the goverments (and their various versions of a Secret Police) seems to get the right to decided who's a terrorist or not, based on information gathered with questionable methods, and doesn't even need to provide real evidennce in many cases. They get the rights to monitor every single citizen's phone, computer, mail etc, activities.

Until now, they basically had to show a probable cause for investigation. They haven't been able to use all kinds of databases, at least not several together, unless a court deems it worthy (in the interest of protecting the privacy etc).

Soon, they could basically freeze your bank account and possess everything you own (At least computer, books, CD-Rs, notes etc) without putting forward hard evidence as long as they say an ivestigation is going on. Etc, etc.

Basically, say that you've shown interest in Greenpeace and is on their mailing list, or has donated to them sometime (maybe 10 - 15 years ago), and their deemed terrorists/or criminals, they can freeze your money, take away your computer etc, because of that. They only need to say an investigation of Greenpeace is going on. An investigation they can basically do on a whim.

USA is on their way to make a law like that, UK is very close behind. EU has suggested similar laws. There has already been protests about it in Germany and Norway, where civil rights people has seen the laws being broken recently.

When USA made up it's mind about Osama Bin Laden, they decided to freeze all his money, and DEMANDED other countries did the same, or those countries would suffer (as in.. if you don't do as we say you can kiss every single USA business goodbye) which made a lot of countries having to change their constitutional rights).

Hmm.. why is I'm thinking German laws in the 30's/40's, which was used against the jews, the Soviet Union and China, when I hear the latest things they want to do.

Many says: Hey.. I haven't done anything, and it's good they do this to get rid of the scum of this Earth, etc etc.. But, if this goes through, you're very close to being ruled by dictators. The only way to be entirely sure you're on the right side of the law, is to give money to organisations such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International etc. To be sure, you better agree with the ruling goverment etc.
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3 young men buys a last minute ticket to a popular charter place from Sweden, intending to have a nice and fun vacation.
When they're on the plane, the pilot goes to them asking why they've bought tickets so late, and saying that their presence worries other passenger and because of that, would they please leave the plane. When they refuse, police are called to the plane, and in the end, they're taken off the plane.

The only reason. They've got an arabic heritage, even if 2 of them are Swedish citizens.

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DVD Cont: - K

126: "Holy Smoke" Traditional, and everybody having seen The Piano would immediately reckognize this movie, but it's far from as powerful as The Piano.

127: "The Horse Whisperer" Along with "Hollow Man" the movie I mostly regret buying. Total crap!

128: "The Hotel New Hampshire" Even if I like the novel better than "The World According to Garp", this movie isn't as good as the movie of "Garp". Maybe because the novel is more philosophical, which they've left out in the movie. Still, it's very entertaining, and as usual when it is John Irvin: One heck of a story.

129: "I know what You did Last Summer" Not that bad, but it doesn't have much of orginality, and sure has no point.

130: "The Ice Storm" Even if the movie is kinda theatrical, it's a really wonderful piece of drama, with a really great cast.. Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci, Elijah Wood, Sigourney Weaver among others. As with most other Ang Lee-movies, it has a kind of poetic momentum that hangs in the air. Actually, it resembles Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a lot, without the martial arts tho. Actually, I think "The Ice Storm" is a way better movie, tho..

131: "In the Line of Fire" Kinda hard to say anything about, except that it's one of the better thrillers in the last 15 years.

132: "Independence Day" Once the Aliens starts their destruction, the movie is good, but.. that's 1 hr into the movie, and until then, really boring, and a perfect example in how to not making a movie.

133: "Internal Affairs" (Warning: Plot Spoiler) The trailer to this movie showed 2 men crashing out a window. In the movie, it's only the bad guy doing it, which takes away some of the drama. 2 stubborn men fighting each other to death. Now, the hero can live happily ever after. Until then, a really great movie. One of the best of this kind.

134: "The Iron Giant" Funny, sad and very touching. It's so perfect! If I were able to afford it, I would buy this movie to everyone on my friends list, and then some. Best animated movie since "The Secret of N.I.M.H.".

135: "Jackie Brown" Now, a certain lovely Italian girl is probably gonna be disappointed, but.. I still have to see it.

136: "Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour (Live in Concert)" I saw the concert when it was in Stockholm, and.. as usual it was really great. I kinda like her music. Not a total fanatic, but.. it's ok. One of the better in that kind of music, and as for the concerts, they're really amazing shows. Totally awesome.

137: "Jaws" A touch short in places, but this is a really powerful drama (more than horror actually). A really entertaining movie.

138: "Jean de Florette (1Šre partie)" Now it's kinda hard to review this movie alone, since it's the first part of "one movie", the second part is "Manon des Sources", but.. if you've seen the first part, you sure wants to see the second.

139: "Jeanne d'Arc" Despite it being my favorite director, Luc Besson, I've not seen it. Actually, I think I might start seeing it when I've posted this.

140: "Jumanji" Really uneven, but generally a lot of fun. I really like Joe Johnston. He might not be the most original director in the world, but he sure knows to pace adventure. To run with it.

141: "Jurassic Park" Probably for pacing, but cut to death which creates a story that doesn't hold up, but... it sure has some great scenes, and at the end, you're really sitting at the edge of the seat.

142: "Kalifornia" The only DVD I've been able to buy twice. Bought it right away when it was released in UK, and totally forgot all about it now, when I saw it being avaible in Sweden. Not a perfect movie, and at times never getting anywhere, as well as lacking true impact in the end (having no point), but it sure is hard stop watching when you've started.

143: "King Kong: The Eight Wonder of The World" Classic. Despite being very much of the time, 30's, it still has a certain impact.

144: "Kingpin" Hilarious, and it rocks. The only movie of the Farelly's I really like, since it has a charm lacking from most of their other movies.

145: "Kiss - Second Coming" A disappointment. Supposed to be a "documentary", but looks more like those promotional behind-the-scenes things
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