October 8th, 2001


(no subject)

Hmm.. My darn ICQ is kinda acting up..

Every time I turn it on.. the same 2 messages, which are old, keeps popping up, the first thing...

And now.. a 3rd..

Hmm.. no Idea how to get rid of those.. :(

(Even if it's nice to see: Good Morning, every morning when I turn on ICQ.. LOL)

Airport disaster

Hmm... This is frustrating.. I've heard a SAS and some German plane is involved in something, crashing into each other or something, on an airport in Milano, Italy.. Possibly 120 dead or something. But that's all I've heard.. No news, since news seems to be about everything else but that..

The Gospel of Thomas


You do need some knowledge in the Holy Bible, what and what Jesus is said to have said, but this, many scholars believe is the first Gospel having been written, and more clearly tells the real meaning of what Jesus said, with extensions to what Jesus is said to have said.. filling out the text. That the Gospels of the Bible is "censored" to provide a certain image, using only half of Jesus' senteces.. etc..