October 1st, 2001



47: Charlie's Angels - Saw it today. And loved it. It rocks. Just a lot of fun.
48: Chicken Run - I've always loved Aardman Animations, and Chicken run is just as great one could only hope for.. even if "A Close Shave" was better..
49. Chinatown - One of the best movies ever. Just great!
50: The Cider House Rules - Haven't seen
51: Le Cinquième Element - (The Fifth Element) Was a touch disappointed when I saw it in the movies, but.. Being a fan of Luc Besson, and having waited 2 yrs for it.. I had high expectations. Still, it becomes better and better for every time i see it. At least it gets funnier and funnier for every time.
52: The Client - Above average, but noting more.
53: Clockwise - John Cleese is one of the best comedy actors ever, and Clockwise is really funny
54: Close Encounters of the Third Kind - (Collector's Edition, which is said to be the final version of the film (the 4th), strangely the one that differs the least from the original version (which always was the best) which make you wonder what was the point with the other 2 versions.. The movie is kinda lousy, but one of the most special and awesome movies ever.
55: The Colour Purple - Basically Spielbergs "best" movie, among his serious ones, even if it's slightly dependent on mood. It can be great, and it can be boring, depending in what mood you're in...
56: Contact - Pretentious crap and boring, most of the time..
57: Cop Land - Except that Stallone is boring as usual, and the story slightly predictable, it's ok.
58: The Craft - I like it. Can't really say much about it, except that. Oh.. I just love the sound-design when they gather at the beach and get their powers, with the lightning.
59: Creepshow - Except for the last episode, I love that movie.
60: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Poetic and fun. Yeoh and Yun Fat is so cool. I don't like the sloppy wire-work. Kinda distracts. Then it's too short. It's those vignettes only, and kinda "limited". Feels to restrained. But, it's a great movie.
61: Cruel Intentions - Kinda cold, but.. this is the only time I've loved the "Valmont/Dangerous Liasion" story.
62: Cube - Slightly too long, but very interesting movie, showing how much a great concept is worth, even if the budget is low.
63: Cyrano de Bergerac - If "Dangerous Liasions" is the ultimate Female Story, I think "Cyrano de Bergerac" is the ultimate Male story, and I haven't seen it done better than this, even if "Roxanne" was a very smart update of the story.
64: Dark City - Haven't seen
65: Darkman - Very black humour doesn't come much better than in this hilarious and engaging movie, which makes you kinda wish that Sam Raimi had made "Batman".
66: Dave - One of those just lovely movies around. Have an edge, but it's kinda drowned out by the sweetness, which is a little sad. Still, it's fun and romantic.
67: Dead Calm - Such a simple but effective thriller that really have you sitting on needles.
68: The Dead Zone - One of the few good Stephen King Movies, even if it doesn't really follows the novel and the theme of it.
69: Death Becomes Her - Very uneven comedy. Mostly entertaining, but it tries to be too much, going from one thing to another and thus loose focus.
70: Den Eneste Ene - A danish movie (The one and only), following some people as they find real love.
71: Die Hard - The Action movie. It doesn't have the most original plot (A man happens to be in the right place at the right time, and by killing one by one, in the end kills the mastermind behind the crime), but this one, with the help of a real fun and charming hero, is able to make you forget the way the plot works, the same way a magician is able to cover up what he's doing with mirrors. Bruce Willis is someone, as with Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds and Mel Gibson, is a hero you simply root for.
72: Die Hard with a Vengeance - The same plot as the first, but on a much bigger scale and with a buddy.
73: Dirty Harry - Few movies has such a lot of things working for it. Clint Eastwood is a great hero, with flaws, no other movie has had such a prolific bad guy, it has a lot of scenes that's classical (The ride in the School Bus has to be among the most disturbing scenes ever done) and wonderful music.
74: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - I haven't seen the original with David Niven, but I doubt it's much better than this. Michael Caine and Steve Martin is a really wonderful comic team.
75: Dobermann - French Tarantino/Rodriquez inspired Bonnie & Clyde-story. Really extreme, and far more violent than anyone would dare do in USA. Not that good movie, but the extreme nature of the movie, with some fun, makes it a refreshing joy.
76: Dr. T & The Women - Not without merits, but.. most of the time, simply annoyingly noisy, and without point.
77: Dragonheart - Old Fashione adventure, with a really fun script that makes your heart smile. In a sense, an animated Disney-movie but done live.
78: EdTV - Not seen
79: Edward Scissorhands - A wonderful, moving tale, and one of my absolute favorite movies. Johnny Depp does the second best acting I've ever seen (only Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man has acted better). Depp, who's always good, really is Edward.
80: Elizabeth - Has only seen a small amount of it.
81: The End of the Affair - Haven't seen
82: Enemy of the State - Update of "The Conversation", basically, and sure pays a big tribute to it, that makes it all the funnier. Will Smith and Gene Hackman as usual, really great.
83: Erin Brokovich - Not seen, but wonderful director.
84: The Exorcist - Slightly dated, and too dependent on Christian belief, but a truly scary experience.
85: The Exorcist - The Version You've Never Seen - Haven't seen the whole of it, but doesn't make that huge of a difference from the original version (as far as I've seen). It would've been better to do a totally different version, or even a pure re-make of it. Yes, I truly believe, despite the numerous instantly reckognisable scenes, it could be re-made.
86: Eyes Wide Shut - Haven't seen properly.