September 30th, 2001



Hmm.. 290 DVDs at the moment..

1: 12 Monkeys - My favorite Terry Gilliam.. Not his best movie tho, but ok.
2: 2001: A Space Odyssey - Kubrick when he started going wrong, when it started to become about themes rather than stories. Still, it's a groundbreaking movie, for many reasons.
3: Addicted to love - Romantic comedy which follows the rule-book, but.. still is kinda different. Different enough so you don't know how it will end..
4: The Adventures of Baron Von M?nchausen - Terry Gilliam again. Not his best, but really good most ot the time. Doesn't work at all, on a TV-screen tho..
5: Affliction - Still one I need to see
6: Alien Legacy - Boxset with the first 3 Alien movies. Just the kind of horror I like (in the first), suggestive. Aliens is the way superior Director's cut, so much better than the theatrical release you can only shake your head at the companies not wanting movies longer than 2 hrs..
7: Alien Resurrection - I like it. The problem is that.. it's fine, fine and then the visit to the lab with mutations simply brings the movie to a halt, which it has a hard time recovering from.
8: Always - My favorite Spielberg, so far, thanks to it being what he does best, pure, emotional storytelling.
9: American Graffiti - Fun, great music, and touching. There are few movies better than this one.
10: American Pie - I guess someday I will have to see it..
11: Analyze This - Charming movie, but kinda falls inbetween.. Raises smiles, but only to a limited degree..
12: Anatomy of a murder - Very interesting crime-case, that, for good or bad, is a lot of fun.
13: Arlington Road - Effectively done, but totally predictable story
14: Armageddon - About as bad as a movie can be
15: Assassins - Julianne Moore so great!! And she's got two 52" TVs in her apartment, that's cool...
16: Austin Powers - The Spy who Shagged Me - Haven't seen it.. but Heather Graham is in it..
17: The Avengers - Great looking, but set-pieces that's just that.. no story, no feeling of the TV-series (Which was just great)
18: Backdraft - In the cinema, the most engaging movie I've seen, as an experience. Amazing fire-effects, but the story could've been way better.
19: Baise-Moi - (Fuck me, in french). Famous for having real sex-scenes, mixed with violent scenes. Down and dirty Thelma & Louise-story. The director handles the sex-scenes way better than the violence, which stops the film from working.
20: Batman - Tim Burton. Way better written script than it's given credit for. The main problem is that it seems "cut", the story not being fully told. (only Japanese made DVD I've got. Sure is hell when it comes to the menu).
21: Batman & Robin - They turned the Batman-franchise into the same camp as the old TV-series (Which is the total opposite of what they tried to do with the first and second Batman-movies), but as for camp Batman, it doesn't come better than this, and Poison Ivy is one great song
22: Beetlejuice - Tim Burton, the way he should be. Tons of great/fun details.
23: Being John Malkovich - Not seen
24: Benny & Joon - Johnny Depp is the greatest, and this is a movie that really fills the heart with joy.
25: Big - Tom Hank's breakthrough. A lot of fun, with a serious foundation. Melts your heart.
26: The Big Easy - It's so good!!!
27: The Big Hit - Not seen.
28: The Big Lebowski - The Coens, with Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.. Lots of fun
29: Blade - Disappointing in the long run. Some great scenes.
30: Blade Runner - The Director's Cut - One of my absolute favorite movies, but far from the best version of it. The original International version is still the best.
31: The Blair Witch Project - Not seen
32: Blazin Saddles - Tons of smart fun, from when Mel Brooks knew how to be that.
33: The Blues Brothers - Just one great fun movie. Classic.
34: Blues Brothers 2000</b> - Better music, some really great scenes, but way too much of a repeat of the original.
35: Body Heat - As with The Big Easy, simply a great movie.
36: The Bone Collector - Haven't seen yet
37: Bonnie and Clyde - Ok, but.. I'm not totally sold on it.
38: Boogie Nights - Julianne Moore and Heather Graham in the same movie!!! Ok movie only, tho.. Nothing original with it.
39: Das Boot - Director's Cut - Haven't seen this version, but.. the only movie I've fallen asleep during in a cinema, was the theatrical release of it...
40: Bound - Such a great movie! Totally hilarious, and stylish.
41: Brassed off - One of the greatest movies I know about. About the same as "The Full Monty", but far more, and not as polished and mainstream. Like reading the novel of The Full Monty, kinda..
42: Braveheart - Not without a lot of flaws, but very interesting and engaging.
43: Brazil - Director's Cut (Criterion Collection Box Set) - Terry Gilliam, and one of the best movies ever made. The 3 DVD Box Set is great, because it features not only the definitive cut of the movie, but also the Studios totally missing the point-94 min version of the movie, as well as tons of documentary material.
44: Bride of Chucky - Hilarious
45: The Bridges of Madison County - About the best romantic movie I've seen. And.. I've been to the bridge.. :)
46: Il Buono, il Brutto, Il Cattivo - (The Good, the bad & the Ugly). Really great epic. Sergio Leone is one of my absolute favorites.

A and B.. C to D coming!!!

from Magikgrrl via Evilshell

What food(s) do you hate enough to pick it out of your dinner and leave it in a pathetic little pile on your plate?
French (string) bean
What is your favorite setup for reading (place, time, etc.)?
I prefer to be in bed, but can read in most places.
Name two things you like to mix together and eat or drink
Bananas and Ice Cream
Name a texture that really pleases you
Velvet.. so smooth Brushed cotton.
Name one person who could drop right off the face of the Earth without its bothering you in the slightest!
dunno.. nobody I know, at least..
Do you like Christmas (if your culture doesn't celebrate Christmas, substitute the biggest state or religious holiday you have instead) -- why or why not?
I like the idea of Christmas, and it's kinda special time, kinda reminding you of how this world should be all the time. But, I don't celebrate it as such.
What's your favorite daydream?
Moving to Hollywood and make movies..
If you had to live your next life as a non-human animal, which animal would you pick?
If you could obliterate one invention from human history, which one would you choose?
Everything that makes it easy killing other people
When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Storyteller or Journalist
Name any irrational fears you have.
Those dark corners in a room.. and what might hide there..
If you had to pull up sticks and relocate to another place (real or fictional) for the rest of your life, where would it be?
My dreamhouse, probably built out in the countryside, but maximum 20 mins from a city where I can get magazines, DVDs, CDs of my choise. I think I'd love London.
What's a childhood toy you still enjoy playing with?
None, but I'd love to have this huge toy railroad with lots of tracks, roads, houses etc.
Name a smell associated with a memory for you -- and the memory. as well.
I have to say Hay, and the summers spent at my Grandparent's farm
What's your favorite piece of clothing, and why?
T-shirts, since it's about the most allround piece of clothing. As for a T-shirt, the one I'm wearing now: Alien Trilogy (With the "logos" for the 3 first Alien movies.
Name one sound that gets the hell on your nerves.
the drip from a tap, or that sound you hear after you went to bed, can't figure out what the hell it was, and have to go up and investigate.
Do you play the lottery (or other games of chance)?
What's your favorite thing about your house or apartment.
That it's on the ground-floor and that most things aren't that far away from me.
If you're really upset, what do you do to calm down?
Spend some time with it occupying my mind.. until I can't bother anymore.. sometimes I write about it, making my view clear.
What's a skill or talent you lack that you'd love to have?
Playing piano.