September 28th, 2001


Just a note to myself..

I'll have to write that question about if you can ever change the way you are, or if you're stuck..

Gotta post that reply to Jema/my view of life..

Hmm.. and my astrological sign, birth horoscope, personality thing..

And.. gotta start doing something with Evilshell's astrological facts.. (but not in LJ, at least)..

Darn.. wrong journal update, without options, so I can't private it..

The ever growing collection of DVDs


More money spent on "mindless" entertainment!!

Got 5 DVDs today..

War of the Roses (Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito). The most hilarious tragedy ever done, probably.. Kinda weird... A lovely marriage turning bad, and they starting to do really nasty stuff to each other, and you're able to laugh.

Raising Arizona (Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, directed by Joel & Ethan Coen). The first 10 mins of this movie, to the Opening title, has to be the best sequence ever in a movie, and the movie doesn't get much worse after that, even if there's a touch to much screaming in it..

Kalifornia (Brad Pitt, Juliette Lewis, David Duchovny, Michelle Forbes (Where the heck did she go, she's good and looks stunning). A really great psychological thriller, that really glues you to the screen.

Porky's. Not exactly the state of art when it comes to filmmaking or comedy, but it rocks, and with a big audience it sure creates a tremendously fun atmosphere.. The movie one is kinda most ashamed of liking..

Sabrina (Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart. Directed by Billy Wilder). Really a movie they're not able to do anymore. Not even the remake is half as good as the original (Now remakes seldom is as good as the original, but.. ). Far from the best Billy Wilder tho, since that has to go to "Some Like it Hot".

The best thing with these, is that I've seen all the movies, and doesn't feel the pressure to have to see them, as with those DVDs I've never seen before)
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15 mins of fame to everyone.. that's why they've created all these docu-soaps/dramas.. (Big Brother, Survivor etc)

The new one, in Sweden, this year (The Swedish company Strix, is among the biggest in the world when it comes to developing these.. They were the first to buy the idea of "Robinson", or "Survivor" as it's know around the world, and develop it. They made something out of the idea (and it showed in Sweden some 2 years before USA), and thus have the rights, and now is making tons of money selling it to other countries). As I was starting.. The new, big one, this year is: "Farmen" (The Farm). Some people are placed on a 19th century-style farm, with no electricity, running water etc. Think they've only got, basically, potatos for 2 weeks or something for food. They're supposed to take care of that farm, and get food etc.. Something like that..


Better start posting some of the stuff I wrote on that note to myself.. (And thanks Giggles.. I love you!!!)

What I wonder is if one is forever stuck being a certain way, or if it's possible to change.. become somebody else (without drugs, or get a split personality).

There's a couple of things people always say I am.. Nice, friendly, talented, that I'm really good at writing/treating the language (and they all say I've got great eyes too.. )

I could add that I'm very open about myself, and very honest..

People has said this for a lot of years.. and continue saying exactly that..

Why are you so nice to me? You're so nice! etc etc..

Now, of course, I don't say.. now I'm gonna say something nice etc.. I say what I feel like saying.. what I really think.. without any intentions about it.. and.. well.. it comes naturally.. That way, it's always as big surprise when somebody says.. oh, it's so nice of you saying that.., and I'm like.. Why, what.. eh?? Oh, it was??? I have absolutely no clue!!!!

I wonder, if I'm nice by nature.. as in it being a part of my personality.. am I "stuck" with it.. I've been nice for 15 years.. and probably before. Am I gonna be that for the rest of my life as well..

What about those that's mean, etc..
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