September 26th, 2001



Worked nights.. came home at 6.. replied to a lot of comments in my LJ.. Never get to bed until 8.30..

If some of my replies, or comments, that's why.. I was so tired towards the end..

Hmm.. weird thing.. Dreamt I got an e-mail from Jema. It was so real, that even now when I'm awake, I kinda thinks.. Oh.. I better go answer that e-mail..

Just had Barilla - Tortellini con Prosciutto e Formaggio.. Just love that.. I think Barilla is my favorite company in the world.. (I'm sure the Italians would just shake their heads at them, but.. well.. when it comes to Pasta, they sure is the best, in my view (Hmm.. now when I've said that much good about them, they should send me a kilo or 2 of Spaghetti)) Of course, it's only because I'm too lazy to start making my own, fresh pasta.. Hmm.. I should try finding some nice Italian girl to marry. As long as she does the pasta, I'm happy.. LOL

Hmm.. Wish list:
1: American woman of Italian heritage that teaches english literature.. If she's dolce, it's a bonus..

Darn.. I missed "Emmerdale farm" on TV.. LOL

Just had some tea in basically the only souvenir I bought in USA (except for 2 T-shirts). A huge mug, 0.6 L, with a picture of Elvis and the text: I've been to Graceland.. (That it says that, doesn't really matter.. it was the size that made me buy it.. ). Think I'm gonna have one more cup of tea..

Heddan just said: Hej!, on ICQ.

Hmm.. wonder if it was wishful thinking, that dream about an e-mail from Jema?

Well.. got a nice little e-mail from Anki at "my" bookstore, telling me that one of the books I've ordered, "Sergio Leone: Something to do with death", has arrived.. only $38 :( Hmm.. think it cost like $15 when I put it up on my wishlist on amazon (Which reminds me I'll have to go there and delete it. Not that anyone would buy me anything from my wish list, but.. better be safe than sorry.. :) )
Think I'll have to go there and pick it up.. needs to buy some bread and cheese too. probably a 1.5 L Pepsi as well.. to have at work..

But, first Tea!!!
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    Danny Elfman: Ice Dance (From Edward Scissorhands)


Hmm.. when I'm using my frying pan, I use a lot of fat.. butter, margarine or oil.. Stlll, I seldom uses enough of it..

Still.. the amount of fat I'm using makes a lot, especially women, hit the roof.. How can you use that much fat, etc etc.. You shouldn't use that much fat.. you use too much fat?

Those same people may go out to a restaurant, and be lyrical about the food etc. wondering how they can make the food so good etc.. so tasty..

Well.. they use fat.. half an inch of fat in the frying pan etc..

If you go to a hamburger place, McDonalds, Burger King.. whatever.. and if you think they have really tasty burgers, have a look at them frying.. usually, it's this thick protecitve layer of fat.. if they've got dry, tasteless burgers, you're most likely to find they only uses very little fat..

Basically, food should "boil" in fat.. the same way, basically, French Fries is..

That way, it kinda protects the meat, or whatever, to dry out.. The fat stops the water and the juices from getting out.. it's not as much to protect the meat from "burning", and get those nasty black burn marks, as most people think..

Second.. if you uses a lot of fat when frying, it doesn't mean the food gets that much fatter to eat.. It's fatter, but surprisingly little. The fat inside the food, is more dangerous, in that case.. When you fry meat, it doesn't absorb the fat it's in, only the fat that sticks to the surface

Book store

Went and picked up my book at the bookstore..

And I just love the girls working there.. They're so great, attractive to :), and..

Well.. this book was about $46 (486 SEK) , but.. I got it for an even 400 SEK ($38).. just like that.. Without me knowing about it before.. and not asking for it..

Hmm.. now I've got about 500 pages to read about excellent director Sergio Leone!!!