September 25th, 2001



Oh.. they're showing my favorite Frasier episode ever..

When they go on a vacation in a camper, and ends up in Canada, and Daphne being an illegal immigrant, and they have to smuggle her back into USA..

It's so hilarious, and hysterically funny
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I'm an idiot

I totally sucks!!

No wonder nobody likes me..

A perfectly nice woman, which happens to have most of the interests I've listed in LJ, as well.. whose LJ entries I really love reading...

Added her to the list on my ICQ, and about the first things I do, is to upset her.. :(

I'm so.. well.. don't know what.. something bad at least..

Hmm.. removed her from my ICQ list, and since I sure doesn't want to remind her of me or insult her, I've decided not to comment in her LJ.. Maybe I should remove her from my "Friends" list.. but.. I do love what she writes..
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