September 24th, 2001



Maybe it's having to go up at 4.30.. at least this is the last morning in like 2 weeks or something.. maybe it's fall, and things getting darker.

But gee.. I feel so lonely, and envious of all those having someone to watch a movie with, to snuggle up to each in a sofa, eating together, to feel the warmth of, to hug and to laugh with..

Hmm.. gotta stop reading LJ, maybe..
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Tolkien names..


Dwarf Name Generator..

Bundin Poolleg - That's for my full name.. Hmm.. I've never liked that.. Maybe for a good reason, it seems..

Hmm.. skipping one of my names.. What I'm known as.. Glìm Iceymail.. Better, at least..

Hmm.. Thom' Luka - Glìm Songears

Ok.. let's try elf names.. Elves are cool, and have cool names, so..

Full name: Ainadalion
The name I use: Nuinyulmaion
Thom' Luka: Nuinlondion

Hobbit Names.. Well.. I do have hairy toes, so.. I guess those suits best..

Full Name: LothoÊGoldworthy from Whitwell
Name: TolmanÊBrown from Buckland
Thom' Luka: TolmanÊGrubb from Buckland.

Ok.. Orc Names..

Full: Bôrzog the Strangler (Hmm.. I've never liked my full name, and.. well.. think I know who to strangle.. )
Name: Morrat the Terrible
Thom' Luka: Morlok the Despot (Hey.. that's cool!)

What were I?

Full name: I was a Happy Istari
Name: Intelligent Beorning
Thom' Luka: Illiterate Haradrim

Thank You, Thank You Giggles

for finding this wonderful link:
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screwed up

Hmm.. and how something totally screwed up my post about those Tolkien Names..

Never looked at it on the site, but.. when I did.. Had to go in and edit the entry.. :(

Now, it should be about right..