September 19th, 2001


Since others have checked this..

Well.. better post mine too..

Date of Birth: September 2 – September 29
Animal: Swan
Gaelic Name: Eala (Approximate pronunciation: ellah.)
Ruling Planet: Venus
Key Words: Beauty, Love and Soul.
Gift Quality or Ability:  Swan people are kind and gentle, adept in love and
the social arts.  Calm and serene with a strong domestic sense.  Connection
with faerie, shape shifting, and creativity.
Birth Stone: Emerald
Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of crane and bee.  Will
also relate well to the owl, cat and bear.  Difficulties may be expected in
relation to all other signs.

Also checked this

Earth influence: The Harvesting Time.
Influencing wind: The South Winds. Totem: Mouse.
Direction: South-south-west.
Predominant elements: Earth with Water.
Elemental clan: Turtle (Earth) Clan. Function: to modify.
Birth and animal totem: Brown Bear.
Plant totem: Violets.
Mineral totem: Topaz.
Polarity totem: Wolf.
Affinity colours: Brown and violet.
Musical vibration: G natural.
Personality: Industrious. Unassuming. Practical. Fastidious.
Feelings: Warm. Analytical.
Intention: Practicality.
Nature: Considerate.
Positive traits: Modest. Discriminating. Meticulous.
Negative traits: Fault-finding. Finicky. Hypocritical. Fussy.
Sex-drive: Moralistic.
Compatibilities: Geese and Beavers.
Conscious aim: Sifting and striving.
Subconscious desire: Perfection.
Life-path: Discrimination.
I Ching trigram: Chen. Arousing Thunder. Desire for liberation.
Spiritual alchemy: Yin predominates.
Must cultivate: Optimism. Tolerance.
Must avoid: Scepticism. Fault-finding. Procrastination.
Starting totems: Brown Bear. Mouse. Turtle. Violet. Topaz. Wolf.