September 17th, 2001



I urge everybody of my friends, to stop fighting those, "others", because our efforts, be they right or wrong, only blinds them more, throws them even longer into their hatred and feeling of unfairness.

One thing that seems to have been missed, in what I, Ana and Evilshell among others, has said, is that we don't target USA. In fact, we have criticised just 2 things, all the time.

What we have said is that: USA isn't without blame in this. It doesn't righteous what Bin Laden did. No fucking way! What we have turned against, is that too many has expressed that notion, that USA has absolutely no blame in this. They have, and you're a fool if you don't see that. Doesn't mean that any of "us" has said: "About time somebody fought back!"

The other thing we have turned against, is the way the USA goverment aided by News Media, and people spreading propaganda like that Canadian text which is circulating now, has put gasolin on the fire to get support for a war, without REALLY stating against who that war should be fought, creating an Us = Christian Western Civilisation and a Them = Arabic Muslims.

USA has done good, USA has done bad.
A war SHOULD be fought against the people, terrorists, that directly causes a threat to the whole world, they calling themself Christians, Jews or Muslims, and it shouldn't stop with Bin Laden, but a war SHOULDN'T be fought against whole ethnic communities.

Can we agree on that???

Because that is exactly what "we" has said all along. Nothing more, nothing less!