September 12th, 2001


Sickeningly patriotic!

Just heard Bush speak, and.. well.. I don't know why, every time an USA official makes a speach, it makes me sick.. every single time.

I do like USA, and most of the citizens I've had contact with, but..

Why does the speeches sound as if they're coming out of a movie or a novel..

Using ALL the CORRECT words.. Pushing buttons..
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Airplane security

USA has always boasted how secure their airports and airplanes etc is.. Even now, on CNN.. somebody says how great that is..

Well.. Hijacking not one, but 4 planes, doesn't exactly show that..

The problem of course being that most Americans doesn't want any hassle. They basically want to come to the airport 30 mins before, and get into the airplane as easily as taking a bus.

Actually, when flying home from Chicago.. I do have to agree. That was an international flight, still the security was about the sloppiest I've ever encountered.. Security done by "tired" officers..

They didn't even check my "filofax", which they basically did on every single other security check I went through in Europe. Even on a domestic flight in Sweden, I feel way better checked.