September 11th, 2001


A bright happy day :(

Ended working today, having 6 days off, including this..

Looking forward to a great day, working on my website..

I went to sleep, woke up and felt great.. until I heard on radio that a plane had crashed into World Trade Center. Quickly turned on old and reliable BBC World, that was only about 10 - 15 mins after the first crash, and then, in front of my eyes, seeing live, that second plane as it crashed into the other building.

Then having been stuck in front of TV, and computer, for the last 5 hrs or something..

The first 2, in a state of "disbelief". The events being so out of this world.. Unable to grasp what happens, because, things like this, simply doesn't happen.. on the verge of tears, even if I'm in no way directly affected.

The scary thing now, they say.. even if there's no second wave, which they fear, of course, is that many groups thinks: Hey, if they could do it, why can't we?

All that know me, know I'm so against intolerance and hatred.. and that I've been really sad of the state of world.. fearing what happens, wondering why doesn't people make sense.. Why does people have such intolerance, why do they hate so strongly..

Why can't Israel and Palestine come up with the simplest trace of peace, why does men rape and beat women, why is humans raping mother earth, replacing it with pollution..

Things I can't simply understand!!

This was gonna be a great day..

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