September 6th, 2001


Some days

Has just spent 2 hrs on LJ, commenting on some of my friends LJ's, and replying their comments and replies..

And having Outlook running, hearing replies pouring in during the time..

Do admit that it's been fun, even if I thought it would never end!

Wow, got my 12th DVD, of the 12 I ordered, today.. Wow.. now I only have to pay those, and wait for the next 4 (in the next order).
Hmm.. I wonder if I'm ever gonna get around actually seeing the movies I've never seen before.. :)
I've got movies, on DVD, I bought like 1 1/2 years ago, I still haven't gotten around seeing.. :(

Hmm.. I wonder if I'm gonna start working on the new version of the site, or play some The Sims.. I'm still too envious of Whiney_Bitch having Washing machines.. darn.. I want some of those too..
Actually, her Sim Opera is hilarious, so you really should go and watch it!!!! :)


The silence after the storm..

For some reason.. having made all those comments and replies, it all feels so boring and emtpy at the moment.. not hearing Outlook filling up with comments and replies..

Think I'm gonna have some tea.. or maybe I should get a glass and start on the bottle of "Southern Comfort" I've got on the desk, next to the keyboard..