September 5th, 2001



Hmm.. Working mornings.. start at 5.45 (am). Since I walk (1.7 km/about 1 mile to work) and that takes about 20 mins, and drink Tea (with some sandwiches) before going.. I get up at 4.30. Guess it would be ok, if I could get to bed at a reasonable time.. (10 pm), but.. no.. never before midnight.. Were tired and "bored" yesterday.. Thought I'd shut off the computer and go to bed early.. Before I started listening to some CD's in my computer, and.. while having iTunes up and running, I could listen to some of my mp3's.. and, hey.. suddenly the clock showed 5 mins to midnight.. :(

Hmm.. since 1967, the USA goverment has transfered 92 billion of Tax-money to Israel, so that they can continue occupy other countries territory..
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