July 20th, 2001


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Well.. drove around Waco yesterday.. didn't do much their.. Just had a look around, and had a Double Whopper at Burger King because my stomach felt it needed something.. and.. I kinda like Burger King.

There's one thing I'm missing from Europe. In USA all cities are planned after the car.. or the "main" road leading through them. That means you have to drive around in a car to get somewhere, and do. In Europe, the cities has been transformed to accept cars, not the other way around. Basically, that means you're able to go into town, park your car somewhere.. along a street or on a parking lot or something, and then walk around, visit the shops you want to see, or whatever.. That means you can have a pretty calm look around. The biggest problem in US, driving around, is that you don't have a sense of what all stores are etc. And since you're out in the traffic, and sure doesn't want to be in the way too much,it's kinda confusing.. You drive around, trying to find something.. somewhere they sell DVDs or something, driving slow frustrating the other drivers etc, looking for some sign that looks promising.