July 4th, 2001


Spending money

Of course, I'm going to USA in nothing more than a week..

Actually, it kinda feels weird.. It's as if I know I'm going, but always thinking it's like.. a month away, rather than next week.

The main thing I worry about, is the money.. I have far from as much as I'd love to have with me.. No.. we're not thinking about isane amounts of money here.. Still.. a thousand dollars more would've been nice to have..

The paycheck from work comes both fine and badly. It comes the day before I come home. The great thing about that, is that I can spend all the money I've got, on the trip, and have new money when I get back home.. Still.. It would've been nice to have part of that money avaible in USA..

Anyway.. I've been saving and saving, not allowed myself anything except what I really need (ok, some, but.. ). Still.. today I got 8 DVDs I ordered the other day, because I don't have to pay it in 20 days, as in.. when I'm back home again..

"Always" (Updating from VHS). Still one of my favorite movies.. Usually have a quick look at the DVDs when I got them, even if I rarely sees the whole movie. With "Always", I spent an awful lot of time with it, more or less seeing half of it.. I don't know.. I think I'm weak for these kinda movies.

"Death Becomes Her". (Another update) When you're so much into movies as I am, I guess I know about more movies than most does, and thinking about them in terms of: Spielberg-movies, Zemeckis-movies etc. It always surprises me that some movies always seems to end up in the shadows. Zemeckis, of course, has made Back to the Future and Forrest Gump. For some reason, Death becomes her, has became almost forgotten, despite it being a really nice movie. (When it comes to Bill Murray, everybody loves "Groundhog Day", and seems to have forgotten almost as good "Scrooged").

"Jumanji: Collector's Edition". (Update). Sure a movie with tons of flaws. I was very disappointed by it when I saw it on the big screen. The good stuff is good, the bad stuff boring, but.. I guess.. memory is very selective.. one tends to remember the good stuff, and darn it.. it's a "special" movie.. It's nice to be able to finally buy it on DVD tho.. It came out when DVD was fairly new in Sweden, and the company releasing it, had really high prices. "Jumanji" were like 325 SEK, while Warner DVDs cost 229 SEK.. And they refused to lower the prices that much.. When all other companies cut the prices on new DVDs, that company still cost a lot, and they refused to sell Jumanji for less than it costed when it came out. In the end, of course, they had to cut the prices on DVDs (but not on those who came out originally). That way, it's kinda ironic that the 2-disc Jumanji costs only 219 SEK, compared to the 325 the original costed.

"L.A. Story" (Yeah.. another upgrade). I love that movie, but for some reason, I've only seen it once (I think). I saw it when I got it on VHS, and totally loved it. But for some reason, I never got around to seeing it again.

"Nurse Betty". Have never seen it.. Some hates it, some likes it.. Well.. we'll see. Yeah, I do buy DVDs like that.. Even if I haven't seen the movie in the theaters, or rented it or whatever, I buy the DVDs just like that. Of course, I mostly buy DVDs like that when I'm pretty sure I want it (Buy the way.. someone interested in buying "The Horse Whisperer" or "Hollow Man" on Region 2 DVD??? LOL Those sucked, really sucked!!!).

"The Secret of My Success" (Upgrade from Taped). Not the best of movies, but.. it's better than average, or I'm a sucker for Michael J. Fox. For some reason, I like most of the stuff he's in. Family Ties is my all time fav. sit com, Spin City, after a couple of seasons, almost reached the heights of Family Ties, and the movies are mostly fairly good fun.

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Collector's Edition". One of the very few really special movies out there. Those which simply get stuck in the head, once you've seen it. One bad thing about the DVD tho. With the clear image, it really looks dated and kinda cheap. I mean. Already?? it's only like 25 years since they made it.. It's ok to laugh at the cheap FX in movies from the 50's etc.. but.. a movie made 1976/7. Still.. it's a special movie!

"Ragtime". (upgrade). Not that many likes the movie, but I generally do. Even if I acknowledge the flaws. Never have been that great fan of Milos Forman. Maybe it's because Ragtime was a failure, I like it.. LOL
It's too bad tho, that they'll never seems to spend money on creating a new transfer of it. It has excellent photography, but they seem to have made a slightly squeezed and grainy 4:3 transfer sometime when it came, and that we seem stuck with. Well. Bought the DVD because it was low price.
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For some reason, a lot of people feels lonely, and some others unique..

Hmm.. I'm sure there's thousands having the same name as I do..

I was born 5 mins to midnight September 17, 1963.. Gotta be lots of people being born that exact minute.. (Universal time).

I'm sure there are lots of people having about 2,000 movies on Video

etc etc..

For some reason.. I doesn't feel neither lonely or unique thinking about that..
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