July 1st, 2001



Actually, I don't have vacation yet, only that I've done todays work already..

At least, I don't have to go there for the next 5 weeks.. (and then I do only 2 nights, before I have 6 days off, schedule). Except those 2 nights, 6 weeks.. It feels so good.

In Sweden, the summer is kinda sacred due to the long, cold (not that cold) and dark winter. That makes Sweden have 2 faces. Someone visiting Sweden in the Winter, wouldn't recognize it in the Summer. Neither the country nor the people.
That way, Sweden basically closes during July, or at least runs on half speed, since we've got at least 25 days of paid vacation, and the right to use at least 20 of those in row (4 weeks).

Now, all I have to do, is start planning for my 2 weeks in the US.
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Vacation 2

So.. now I've got basically 6 weeks, - 2 when I'm in USA.

So.. what the heck should I do..

Got tons of stuff I should do, but.. that's always the problem..

Should I work on the new version of the site (which is working like shite, for some reason. Half can see it without problem, for the others it works badly, if it works at all)

I should sort and back up everything on HD (it's a mess)

Hey, I should clean my apartment (That's really a mess)

I should write my views of the meaning of life, as well as why feminism is good but why the feministic groups is on a road to nowhere.

Should convert a lot of songs to mp3 for my Live365 Internet radio station.

Should scan a lot of pictures (Really should do that before I sort and back up HD, so those are included in the sort/back up)

Should throw away half of what I've got down in the storage room.

Should start making the plans for US (Route, motels and stuff)
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