June 25th, 2001



Spent the time smoking some more, and written some emails..

Now it's time to have "breakfast".. well.. Tea, at least


Has checked out the sites I check out daily.. Funkfurr's Log, Camrecord, DezCam.

Also looked for UK Multimaps, which is the best online map I've seen so far, which, except being extremely detailed, also are able to show Flyphotos of certain areas, like cities etc.. It would've been cool to have flyphoto of all, tho.. Stupidly, I had lost the addy for it, so it took some time to find the url.



I've always having my mailbox open. That way I see when mail has arrived, since the mailman always closes it..

Heard it closing, but it was only the rent.. 2,699 Swedish Kronor. (About $250 US)


Well.. nothing..

except of course.. all the nice mail from the local stores etc, telling me how cool prices they've got on stuff..

Maybe it's time

Time to get my ass out of this chair..

Not exactly the best weather, cloudy, but I have to test the camera.. Had it in Scotland, of course, and even if most of the pictures were taken late in the evening, they shouldn't had turned out as dark as they did.
Ok.. it might be me, but I doubt it.. Either the film, or the camera.. That way, I thought I'd buy a film, take those 24 pics, have it developed in an hour, and see what it turns out like.. if they turn out nicely exposed, it must have been the film. If they turn out dark, I'll have to find out what's wrong witht the camera.. The exposure meter, shows alright, so it shouldn't be the battery, but of course, it might be.. Lets hope it's nothing wrong with the electronics..
Not that I care that much about that, in a sense. Usually when I photograph, portraits mostly, I use it on manual, since it's a controlled enviroment, and measure the light with a separate meter and a Gray card. But the automatic mode of the camera, of course, is nice to have when you shoot landscapes and Tourist snapshots, to say the least. Kinda hard, and bothering, to run around measuring the light on a gray card all over a landscape.. lol

home again

Back from the stores.. Went straight and bought a 24 pic film, and new batteries for the camera. Spent an hour, or something like that, walking around the town photographing. Something's clearly wrong with the camera.. Still, when I got the pix, all were alright.. Weird.. Now I'm confused.. and sure doesn't know if I dare trust the camera or not..
Went and picked up the tickets for my USA trip, and did some grocery shopping..

The weather is awful.. it's on the sunny side, but not exactly in the sun, but the thermometer shows 27¡ C, I think that's 80¡ F. Not that hot, but the air is weird. It's partly cloudy, so it's not that sunny, but the air is very warm in itself. Hard to describe.. Well.. I sure feel kinda exhausted and hot after having walked home from town..