June 20th, 2001



Since I'm going back home really early, I've decided to stay up (Well.. we never got to bed when we should've, so.. the best option was to just stay awake instead of trying to get those 3 hrs we might have gotten)

Been stayin' with online friends, and they're really cool and as great as they're in chat, even if I, of course, can't help but feel a little like.. you know.. extremely grateful for them to allow me to visit them.. feeling like an intruder, ya know.

Anyway.. We've had a great time.. They've taken me around Scotland, to see Loch Ness.. No.. didn't see the creature.. darn. And they promised me to show me everything..
The landscape, in my view, with all the hills and mountains in the Highlands, is absolutely, stunningly fantastic.. But I don't give much for the roads.. Well.. I guess they're fun if you're a rally-driver, with all the hills and sharp bends etc.. but.. sitting beside.. that's.. well.. kinda scary.. It doesn't help when you've got a tendency for motion sickness neither.. one eye on the road, holding on for dear life, and with the other trying to see all the fantastic sites going past in like 50 miles/hour (80 km/h).
Then we saw this castle ruin on top of a cliff.. it can be seen in Mel Gibson's "Braveheart", since part of that movie was filmed there.
About the most amazing and wonderful thing I've seen, even if the stairs will kill ya.. You go down, to get up to the castle.. and, well.. that's nice and smooth.. but.. going back up.. gee.. I were foolish enough to run up it.. got about halfway when, I realized.. darn.. it's only halfway, and I'm out of breath.. By the time I got up.. like 300 steps or so, my legs hardly carried me.. and the heart beating like.. well.. 4 times the regular.. Then about 15 mins later, I got my breath back..

Really sad having to go home