May 22nd, 2001


and.. life goes on

Well.. you want it or not.. time passes, life goes on..

I'm back to normal health, I think. Except that I sweat like crazy, it seems. Can't do anything to get soaking, it feels like. And.. oh.. Kinda tired too.
But generally, I feel.. well..fine. Like normal.

Has started writing some letters to some of my penpals. About fucking time. I've not been in the mood to start writing them, for some reason. Thought about doing it a lot, and had a bad conscience for not doing it, but has been unable to get my ass going.

Got the tickets for Aberdeen. Feels kinda nice having them. Now I only has to be at Arlanda (Stockholm International Airport) at the right day and time, get on the plane and be in Aberdeen like, well.. actaully a lot of hours later. It really sucks having to go down to Amsterdam first, and then to Aberdeen from there. In fact, I was kinda stupid. Should've seen to it that I got a couple of hours in Amsterdam. Just to have a quick look at the city, and be able to say I've been there. For some reason.. I don't think airports kinda counts, when it comes to having visited places.

Have started working on my entirely new, kinda, website. Thom'-AO (1:2.20). Actually, it's gonna be about the same content as the site I'm having now, but.. I'll do this from scratch, instead of re-designing the site with the same building blocks. Just change them, to fit in the new design. Which is probably taking longer time, since it's tons of stuff to change, and way to easy to miss stuff. Now, I'm gonna import some text, but re-write most.
Well.. Haven't come that far, but the Splash-page and the menu page, sure looks good, if I can say it myself.

Hugs to all dear friends, Katy, Leann, Gary & Avril, Dolly, Isabel, Kia, V etc..
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