May 17th, 2001


Things would be a lot easier..

I've been working a lot on a re-design of my site, and uploaded it yesterday (or really, this night), despite it not being entirely fixed. All the pages should be avaible, but.. Not the way they're intended..

Why can't things work the way it's supposed to.

Some of it is pure mistakes. You know.. Forgetting to add that link etc..

The most problem being things I can't seem to get right tho, for some reason. Links that should work a certain way, which doesnt. A link that's supposed to open in a certain frame, but opens it in a new window instead, despite having addressed that specific frame.
Graphics that's supposed to be in one place, but ends up being somewhere else on the page, and even if you adjust the graphic, it doesn't end up where it's supposed to end up..

Sometimes you just kinda wish that the computer ended up somewhere else.. Like outside the window..

That, for sure, would make a lot of things easier..
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