May 4th, 2001



I work on a schedule.. like.. 3 days, 1 day off, 4 days, 1 day off, 3 days, 6 days off..

Well.. those previous 6 days off, Tuesday morning to Monday afternoon previous week. At the end of the week, I became bothered with a problem I've got with my toe. When I walk, and push away with the foot, as in bending the big toe on the left foot, there's pain. I've got it for several years. I've thought about going to a doctor to find out why, but.. it has lasted for a day or two only, before it went away just like that.
But not now. Instead I got got pain underneath my foot, next to the toe. Probably as a result from the pain in the toe. It kinda feels as if the connection between the toe and the foot are too short, and that way kinda stretches out when I bend the toe. This, previous, weekend was really bad. Could hardly support myself on the foot at all, and there were general pain all the time, in the foot.
Every time I stepped on the hurting part of the foot, it felt (feels) like you're pushing something into the bone of the foot. Nothing sharp. Actually, it feels like you bang on it with a hammer or something.

I don't know. Double dose of pain-killers has taken away the general pain, I guess. Still hurts when I bend the toe, or step on that part of the foot. But, it's kinda amazing how people adapt. I can walk basically normal, without actually supporting myself on the hurting part. Stepping basically only on the heel and outher part of the foot.

woo hoo.. Booked tickets to USA yesterday. July 12 - 26, or something.. in and out of Chicago, and a Rental Car for 2 weeks.

Haven't really made up my mind of where to actually go. I'd like to go to Detroit, and visit a friend. As well as Waco, Texas... And obviously I'd love to go to Colorado to photograph HooHoo..

Gee.. only some 3200 miles.. Maybe a touch hard to manage in 14 days. At least if you want to spend at least a day with the people you visit..

Well.. we'll see.. I've at least gotten one invitation for a dinner, right in Chicago, so that should take care of first day, at least.. Then we'll see where I go from there..
Hmm... Chicago.. Wonder what one can see there.. Playboy building maybe.. Having read Playboy on and off since 1980, and having a photograph published in Playboy has been some kind of dream.